A shocking historical court-case and it's Celebrity Witnesses, sheds liberating light on a past era of AIDS and mad sexual fears! - By Sanga Sinouoa & Suliman 


Friday 11. May 2012



Famous AIDS Court Data-File Witnesses:


















The Aesculapian Satan Of God returns from dark Abyssinia to save the world from AIDS-hell! ...after 38 Million deaths, to stop world-overpopulation by means of biological homosexuality and the occult so that eternal Paradise isn't half as crowded.
Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann laughs.
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By historical court aquittal, the German Federal Court of Duesseldorf decreed and issued the file-case named „Landgericht Duesseldorf Az. 25 T 177/12“ of Friday the 11. Mai 2012, which alleviates charges in the penalised HIV-crime case indicting: Faqir Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann involving an AIDS-sick French baby Hxxxxxx Kxxxxxx and carrying the police case-file Nr. „Az. 500000-042699-12/6“, charged by the German Federal State-Attorney's Office of Dusseldorf and booked under StA. Az. 10 Js 155/12: „Suspected Violation Of Doctor's Natural Health Practice Within German Law“:


Case Open:


At high-noon, an angry Black French-African mother Cxxxxxx Kxxxxxxx, hearing wild drums in her heart, breaks past security guards of the German University Hospital of Duesseldorf and snatches her AIDS-Baby from the poisonous AZT-life-support-infusions inflicted illegally by an ingulto Court-Order through the medical malapropism of unauthorized agency of German Governmental Youth-Wellfare Office, and leaves Germany with her accomplice valiant Black husband from the African Ivory Coast. Just 3 days prior to her brave deed, the federal German police brigade had beat down their door with sirens and loud AIDS-paroles, bullied her husband to the wall, and scurried her other two healthy kids, and abducted the AIDS-infant by unlawful governmental force, by order of the malevolent University Of Duesseldorf and the Evangelical Hospital of the same University, in an attempt to prevent an already effected HIV-cure through EGYPTIAN COBRA-SNAKE-ANTIVIRAL-ANTIDOTE administered secretly by the gay Faqir Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann in cahoots with the parents. This unlawful federal police act was carried out, despite that the CENTRAL BLOOD LAB of the very same University had suddenly issued contrary lab-readings, and were forced to question the child's diminished HIV-status, after the cobra-antidote had been secretively administered by the Oriental Medic, who was legally commissioned by the family, without the lab-doctor's ken.


Public Slur:


The Accusing University Hospital above didn't show the German police-justice department the newer lab-results and broke their medical vow to silence in order to effect AIDS-slander. Neither did the police authorities want to accept the legal hematocritial proof-readings from the hands of the German-Egyptian Carcinologist, for fear his Angel was right. The University was hence upset by the Faqir Dr. Pharouk-Starzmanns open exposure of the “$”- US Dollar Symbol as the stolen sign of the Pharma-Serpent of Egyptian Pharaohs, which finally embarrassed 30 years of Western AIDS-dogma by the use of EGYPTIAN COBRA-ANTIDOTE, causing violent public upset. For issuing the Cobra-Virotoxin-Antidote, the Egypto-German Medic Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann was arrested and penalized by court to an illegal jail-confinement for 5 weeks without personal recourse to a lawyer, - as his mobile phone had been confiscated prior to the State-Attorney's Office clearing his Oriental Ashram Practice of all his legally produced Egyptian Cobra-Antidote, personal books, correspondence, and private sexual effects, as though he were an Arab terrorist sleeper.





Over an actual factual fault / actus reus under Art. § 8 SGB (Social Order) of harming an HIV-infected infant minor, by default of the 2. medical parental choice, in which French immigrant parents in Germany maintain their overall joint legal child custody /authority to child-care, and custody by way of their foreign rights, the arrest, interrogation, detention, and following verdict of aquittal over the actions of the charged Toxicologist, Orientmedic, Verontologist / Serontologist, and Cancer-Carcinologist one Faqir Mr. Prof. Dr. Max-Robin Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann, to his favor. The overall science education of the involved German Judges, was by legal chemical law and language intellectually challenged. The Carcinologist had thus been once again in 5 weeks of unjustified penal confinement from 2nd April 2012 to 11 th May 2012. - In addition, 2 German Universities had alleged by charge that his website http://www.AIDS-SCANDAL.COM had become a deceptive public danger, a terrorist's ploy, by which unethical injury could ensue by contents unabashed.


Favouring the scientific interests within the ancient history of Oriental medicine research about tropical pathogens of Cobra-Virotoxins and snake-venom, a juvenile ad juno German State-Attorney's jurisdiction is questioned in medical affairs, and motioned to redact all confiscated Oriental Medic's supplies of COBRA-VENOM ANTIDOTALS despite the Government-State-Attorney-Office's Magistrates, Mrs. Jur. Stammerjohann and Registrar Mr. Ackersgott's racial prejudice toward the mixed man. A charge of having endangered the life of an HIV-infant, could in every legal technicality of his quoting the EU's Official Dangerous Substances Law-Directive 67-548-EEC, never in all view if it's logical scientific weight, be justified. The heinous chemical damage to the supposed HIV-positive child in question, was attributed to the misapplication of triple questionable HIV-medicines VEAGAM, KALETRA & AZT administered malevolently by the ecclesiastical Evangelical University Clinic of Duesseldorf, abusive of the German Penal Book: See: Penal Law / StGB Art. § 223 - § 229, Medical Law / Arzneimittelgesetz AMG Art. § 4 Abs. 24 (23), 13 (1,2) 5, and Drugs Law: Betäubungsmittelgesetz BtMG 13,1 u. 32 a.o.. These decisive authoritative defence to all charges levied, were addressed to file from the very jail cell by the Oriental Medic in person without any legal resources, other than the memorised articles of the chemical laws necessary to win on toxicological grounds of the EC's Official Dangerous Substances Law called EU-Directive 67 548 EEC, and sent to the State Attorney's File by registered postal Nr. RT 1091 7732 5DE. The pitfall was, that German Lawyers have to-date no legal ken of Chemistry so as to defend or convict any person, whether victim or delinquent of toxic crime. The actual full contents of the logued German Federal Court's file, numbers over 230 pages. The free medical choice by which the parents are unproven as HIV-positive, and accorded full natural jurisdiction by their proven benevolence toward their offspring, can by all rights over any illness hitherto rendered as incurable (i.e. HIV-Infection) by the said University Of Duesseldorf, now be tendered with the applied approbation of ORIENTAL COBRA ANTIDOTE. It is dated officially as Pharaonic. The above Medic is half-Egyptian of British colonial controband-slave descent, who were raided of land and grave-rights by the English on 1 st March 1894 and deported aboard the naval fleet HMS ARIADNE bound for British Guiana SA.




Pivotal in the aquittal, was the unjust deed, evident in that the German Ecclesiastical Evangelical Universitiy's Central hospital Blood-Laboritory, had issued ingulto results of 3 blood-readings, in which they were forced to admit to having attested the repeated flawed blood-samples taken from the harassed infant; - action judged to the error malevolent! These fact-finds were discovered by the Verontologist Fakir Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann, thereby questioning the sordid moral hegemony of that ecclesiastical clinic's church, who omitted all iron beta-numerical data from the hematocritial cumulative charts.


Added to this, the indicted Universities admitted to having operated a GERMAN TROPICAL-INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE in collaboration with the country's ZOOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of Düsseldorf, in which both are said to have lost chemical oversight, and it simply had slipped their grasp of chemical formulae to apply their own officially mustered German Cobra-Antidotals on local HIV-victims. Following this, 30 Mio people have succumbed to AIDS between 1981 to 2012. Yet, Oriental Snake-Antiserum firstly doesn't really comprise the extracted blood of equine herbivores (horses), and therefore wasn't subject to any federalized prescription laws, as no animal RNA-sera is allowed in the biological composition of the older Egyptian version, and far off the use of a blanc chloride at err. The “Black Madonna” or in Asian “Hia'Marah” (high Mary / black silent maiden) is an African nick-name given the longest and fastest poisonous white snake in Africa, officially called the Black Mamba (“black jaw”), with it's startling black mouth cavern that sings at water-swamps during full-moon. Upon the reptile's most deadly strike, a most bitter black botanic acid of acrid Black Molasses Phosphorine carbo-irons of burnt sugar-cane sap was administered to ward off her lethal Black Death, at any time. Thus, imitating the immunity to snake-bites which Horses have as natural herbivores, by drinking the black botannic immuno-antigen of bitter sugar-cane acids, the ancient vegan African Sudanese Egyptians (Indo-Nubian Rastas) remained immune to leprotic disease from decadent meat-fats, and therefore historically became hereditarily dark-skinned like cured wood as opposed to people with low iron high fat intake.



Aquittal Moral:

As for the final levied charge that Oriental Snake-Verontology possessed wrong scientific bias; Germany's enforced Higher-Education-Act which defines the allowances in the Health-Practioner's-Act, makes it accessible for any person or Organ to acquire “novel science” or “advanced learning” at private or borrowed costs, as there is within the development of science no single human sovereignty or ordinance that can religiously bellow the old national German anthem: “Germans -Gerrrrmannz overrrr EVERYTHINGgggk!” - and thus ignore any older science culture or modern development, for having come from a foreign land with foreign skin and pretty toes. COBRA ANTIDOTE is however justifiable ancient ambulance over HIV-infection and AIDS.


Marking the above Federal Court Aquittal, the 2nd medical choice of any parent can question the first common medical practice according to the German article § 8 SGB (Social Orders Act). Hence, a presentation of this enforceable copy be laid before any Police or Youth-Wellfare-Office as official decree concerning cure for AIDS.



Crime Rationale:

To even dare to criminalize any juvenile medical helplessness of unsuspecting adult patients on the grounds of unforeseeable misunderstood fatal disease is totally wrong. The false bearing: “She's got the flu, so call the damn police!” is one of Hitler! Just because of an alleged incurable homo-scourge, it was not right to publicly profile heterosexual victims in some vast federal grid-investigation program or national manhunt in which you handcuff any assisting ambulance or doctor just because he's a gay Black Oriental Faqir?! Did we kill Jesus because he was gay?





Malevolent Pre-meditative Medical Omission:

Without issuing valid blood-proofs of any kind to any of Germany's nuclear defence authorities, both Universities of Duesseldorf had unjustly instigated the unwarranted unlawful Police-brutality in the violent arrest, - the unlawful entering, - the unlawful clearing, - and the unlawful confiscating of all nonabound secular belongings of the Oriental Ashram-Practice of the Verontologist and Faqir Tarot-Medium Mr. Dr. Stunny Max-Robin Pharouk-Starzmann, by hurtful violent force, without any prior consultation of the EU law's strict nuclear prohibitory.


For this devious aim, by arrest, ten Domestic-Order Officers caught him at home off guard and attacked him with so much toxic pepper-gas, until his eyes and nose of the Vegan had began bleeding over his face. As his knees buckled to the ground, he was kicked in the back of his head with the profile of heavy service boots, and was put in a state of wrong attire in full view of curious street pedestrians and onlooking traffic-congestion, without shoes, wallet, or passport. Present and physically active in the vulgar pugilist fray, were two homophobic female Doctors of the German Health Department of Duesseldorf, Mrs. Dr. Hannig, and Mrs. Dr. Alff, who lost all dignified composure over their racial sexual malevolence at the gay Egyptian Einstein so revered for his cultural poise and human rights valour. - The sexist verbal assaults in like condescending tenor. The scene is described as having resembled a past Nazi epistle from the book of Hitler's World-War 2.



Information Fraud:

Without any professional objectivity at all, a most salacious female Police-Inspector named Mr. Kolczewski, accompanied by a voyeuristic Officer of the German Public Health Department of Duesseldorf, one Mr. Schmidt, dared to even impound private homosexual pornography of the exotic man, his kitchen utensils, Love-letters, a computer, the medical journals he was writing, as well as little purchased Gifts intended for his aged Black mother, for their otherwise questionable asservation. The Germans had attempted once again to penalize a Black Oriental in laws of chemistry they didn't even profess, and overlooked the most obvious, as if blinded in an Egyptian tomb made of gold. They pre-meditatively aborted District Court to persecute an innocent homosexual Medic-Faqir, by racially downgrading his study of his cultural Egyptian folklore and social customs as „mentally insane“, for further scrutiny within the confines of a mental asylum for the mad; - repeating the most foul acts of 2004, when the Medic had been imported to Germany from France, at the instigation of President BUSH, who feared dangerous political issues hidden dormant in Verontology over COBRA-ANTIDOTE contra AIDS.


Serious Criminal Motivation:

Though the Central Laboratory of the University of Düsseldorf had issued defacto blood-test results to the effect, that the HIV-diagnosis of the two-year old infant was questionable, prior to the above medic's arrest; their modus operandi was that a cured two-year old AIDS-Baby was not to have become the collective shame of 30 years of medically delinquent HIV-science in the West by any expert application of Oriental Verontology. The injurious instigator of the attack, was curiously a homosexual German University-Doctor, Mr. Markus Vogel, of the Paediatric Children's Ward of the University Of Duesseldorf. He had wrongfully upheld a questionable HIV-diagnosis of the 2-year-old French infant, by orchestrating multiple blood-sampling of the harassed Black baby and criminally omitting beta figures. The in virological terms medically illiterate and hence bias German Youth-Wellfare-Office joined in the attack, and overshot their ethical boundry, when without any lab-proofs nor license to broadcast private health affairs, they used state brigade and burgeoned in on the father's employer, to imply that the AIDS-baby's dad had been a “married queer HIV-bigot” who'd infected his own kids. The governmental authorities then abducted the Baby under false AIDS premisses, posting new locks on the doors, so that the family couldn't enter their own home at night-fall! - Things blew madly out of proportion. Several other court charges against the innocent Black family ensued. Though University's science-studies declare AIDS to have been an incurable bugger's disease spread by anal sodomy, the German doctors didn't want to allow the sexually innocent Baby to die peacefully in the arms of it's own parents, because lude stigma held “something filthy” about it's French “Black” parents. - RACIAL PREJUDICE. The infant's AIDS-death was to become slow and gruesome, as opposed to no medical help at all. Therefore the mother of the child rescued her baby, after it had become apparent, that ORIENTAL COBRA ANTI-VIROTOXIN had cured her little son, and proffered correct blood-results via Faqir Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann's brave administrations of the fast-acting cancer-antigen.




The Orient-Medic will now file an appeal to arbitration / settlement charge, for the terrible private and secular damages which have been incurred by the falsely imposed 5-week custody of his person. This is apparently by German law to occur through the medically mal-educated lawyer that the father of the child had appointed by exorbitant payment. The costs for such a damage claim, may be carried by the German state, on the strength of the ruling of the above Judge's decision, which has not been contested nor contradicted. By success of the latest federal decision, there remains a separate open damage-claim to be levied in favour of the damaged child, and another opened for the extremely grave financial damage to the family reputation through which the earning father of the child was put at his place of work, and yet another to be levied in favour of the mother of the child who is reticent about her return to Germany. - The family are forced to move house under financial strain. After all, both she and her husband have been stigmatised in a xenophobic area of domicile and at his amicable workplace, to have had a lethal gay-disease for which they were never diagnosed, and expected under such tremendously negative stigma, to fend and provide for the open lives of the other two healthy children they were putting through school at further expense, - separate lawyer's fees all told! By negative virtue of the defamation of the family's health and social character, their first female lawyer dropped them as clients, and herself turned out to be a total racist, by the name of Mrs. Susanne Wetmat-Haber of an unethical Law-Chancellery Neuerburg-Soxhlet-Wetmar/Haber, charging high sums for absolutely no activity, and attempting to enforce a written court-backed payment order, whilst the Cacinologist had been locked in jail without police prosecution. On his release he wrote their defence to two courts and 5 public offices at his own expenses from having laid Tarot for stunned customers, while on government-dole. Financial wreckage!

Upon the fact that a danger through cobra-antidote has been dis-proven, both mother and child can return home despite their marred reputation in Germany. The public use of the EU-Directive 67-548-EEC makes it possible for Patients to file damages if any chemical treatment causes accumulative petro-chemical damage, or if the practitioner doesn't have any ken of applied chemistry. Witnesses to the case are being educated, and people in India's medical aristocracy are cajoled by the matter.




EU Court Position:

Despite the archaic symbol of the Aesculapian Serpent prominent on every European Pharmacy, gifted gay European University chemists and their Virologists who generally knew of diverse snake-antidotes against many animal viro-toxins that mimic well-known scourges; seem at all moral expense to themselves, to have heretically compromised all formal scholastic Einsteinian grounds held in the old chemical EU-Directive 67-548-EEC chartered at the EC's founding in 1953 (Paris) about poisonous substances, which first was constituted after the widely publicized shocking chemical crimes of World War 2, Germany. By sky-larking in dizzy forests of arduous chemical formulae, they didn't countenance it's serious chemo-viral implications, where it came to AIDS, cancer, heart-disease, or toxic drug-abuse. Nuclear Physicist Albert Einstein had equally died of petroleum meat cancer. This elective professional blindness in the realm of Genius, disastrously contravened all open and official European toxicology laws and deceived the widely unfocused and gullible pedestrian world-public into believing, that an incurable dirty homosexual plague had jumped out of the bowels of Africa and onto Western heterosexual race via allegedly inferior Negroid evolution, in which it was said that anti-conservative weak White homosexual elite who married avaricious poor Black whores (colloquially: black snakes /Black Madonnas) just for the show, had spread this modern Black Death through non-conventional sex-behaviour man-to-monkey. Christian Universities preaching evolution theory, stupidly regard the Green Makak Monkey of Africa as the origin of HIV, whilst the 1956 Western vaccine for child-polio was said to have come from the very same Makak Monkey from Asia of the related monkey family; though good and evil-foul can't come from the same species. With the trump-card of Egyptian snake-antivirals against AIDS, known to Africa's most oldest civilisation, the medical disaster under the Asculapian Serpine Symbol on every Pharmacy, was just about waiting to happen, where heaven has sex with the hottest hell. A mighty castle can crumble to the queerness of good nature.



Hideously, none of Duesseldorf's German University Virologists or Lab-Chemists appeared at court, other than on guilty admissions on officially testified blood-lab results - as they'd all feared any possible resulting penal altercation by incensed German Judges. With 2 medically abashed female Magistrates, Mrs. Jur. Radke and Mrs. Jur. Dr. Hansbach, on panel to one presiding male Court-Judge, Dr. Pahlke, who was visibly shaken to restrained tears by moral agitation. - Even the federally ordained Law-Enforcement-Officer Barrister Mr. Michael Budczinski, stood most abhorred and disgusted at the University’s slovenly deliquence, and personally put vigilant pen to paper in total favour of the lucid logic of the Oriental Verontologist who is a Faqir. The German governmental Law-Enforcement-Officer supported the Verontologist's ad juno Attorney Mr. Stefan J. Latz, who'd been financially appointed by the coloured father of the cured child, but had firstly to be speed-instructed in the field of federal chemical law by an overtaxed and incarcerated Faqir Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann himself. - A Herculean task, though Pharouk-Starzmann is termed a communications genius, by highly awake perceptional talent considered often as slyly occult but at God's clarity, - thus making his very identity seem rather contrived to some sceptical media in horrified disbelief. - Erudite exotic people go unnoticed by militant arsenal of European media, if they by unconventional sexual exuberance uphold any old foreign cultural knowledge as equally intellectual. European authorities do not like Arabians, except for sex - or do not like him. Yet, the homosexual Oriental Verontologist has a White German father and Black Abyssinian Nilotique mother of solid heterosexual union spanning over 50 years, and remain together after 5 squabbling children.


Grave Political Cahoots:

It is largely suspected that his politically prominent parents WERNER STARZMANN (a famous designer) and his mother JEWEL PHAROUK-STARZMANN (a diplomatic language professor) aided and abetted or were caught up in the exposure of their gay son's snaky battle, from behind the filthy veneer of a mad religious US-sect, while waving the prominent display of Josephine Baker's gay Rainbow-signal on the otherwise black-and-white cover of his dad's biography “Als Die Welt Noch Gross War” (2005, ISBN 0-7414-3004-5 / “Once, When The World Was Big”), causing convulsive public scrutiny in 2006. Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann had been born on Jamaica, but raised on his parent's South-American jungle ranch in MAHDIA Guyana SA, and been educated about snakes, though not quite acquis to any virology in youth, despite having suffered MALARIA lots of times. However, the infamous 1978 JONESTOWN cyanide mass-suicide of over 900 defecting US citizens dazed by a mad religious US-sect under Reverend JIM JONES descending en mass upon the peaceful communistic ex-colonial Afro-Oriental country of his mother's birthplace, has allegedly left an indelible mark in the family's political memory about chemical mass-murders on Western religious and political grounds. His dad's Jewish Grandfather had been murdered in the gas-chamber at Dachau concentration-camp alongside his Jewish Great-grandmother, and been a damaged German war-child raised for safety in an orphanage during WW2, whilst his South-German father was stationed in Poland; driving a starving aristocratic Preussian mother into prostitution to survive poverty in Stuttgart...she collected her son from the orphanage as a lavish platinum-blonde in a fantastic fur-coat - and called “the red devil” by Hitler's Arabian Saracens stationed in Berlin, though an actual angel.


Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann's having witnessed dreadful modern industrial use of imported American quicksilver-mercury by the under-educated local gold-miners of the South American jungle area to simulate the chemical isolation of gold ore while suffering toxic harm as it poisoned the virgin fresh-water jungle creeks of local indigenous Asiatic Indios, sparked eyewitness accounts of widespread hepatitis hitting down the doors of his distraught family, who'd strived to cure them, and forestall Malaria-mutations with the aid of foreign German pharmaceuticals and self-made acrid solutions. - A medical war zone! Importing Brazilian snake-antidote under Guyanese governmental permission, was modus operandi. Desperate poverty-stricken city-prostitutes blazed through the region in search of rich Brazilian Guarampieiros, while Canadian gold-prospecting firm GOLDEN STAR claimed HIV to be ravaging the country, making tourism a hollow dream for a half-German family needing foreign revenue to survive in a doomed eco-tourist project. The country's Minister Of State Mrs. Prof. Dr. FAITH HARDING was his mother's project's patron, and suspicious that HIV / AIDS was not scientifically cosher to South-American political climate, nor to hinterland tourism, had made Stunny her official wardrobe couture-designer, by the stylish diplomacy of his mother, a former Pharouk KALA'M HARRAQ Bin NHUR. 




The opposing court-accusation that young Faqir Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann had penned his dad's upsetting biography and ignited elitist public upset about AIDS during his father's business jaunts to South Africa whilst becoming a terrorist imposter to virology, has been proven as totally unfounded. - Yet, shockingly his Black Aunt had been the very first Black foreign female UN-Nato Diplomat to Chile and Venezuela in 1967 and appointed to east Africa from 1970, named Dip. COLLEEN NEWMAN, preceding the first Black US-American UN-Diplomat Patricia Roberts Harris. His astute Aunt later married the former rich Jewish Manager of New York's giant Electricity Corporation CON EDISSON, - ALAN NEWMAN. She became Veep vice-president of that corporation's American Engineering Society in the 70s on the basis that she'd been the very first Black female Diplomat of any Commonwealth nation in the 60s, initially having served Caricom as an Ex-British Guyanese of Abyssinian heritage. His eldest Aunt married into half-Scottish Oxford Lords. The Verontologist's parents were first noted in official political European press as of 1968 (SPIEGEL Magazine), when the world-famous White German Anti-Nazi Sociologist Prof. Dr. MICHAEL JOVI married his mother's Black University colleague Mr. Linda Joseph, and became West-German Ambassador to the People's Republic Of Guyana. The Verontologist's parents appeared alongside the cordially invited Guyanese President FORBES SAMSON BURNHAM in person as political wedding guests of honour, in that upbeat political German magazine SPIEGEL, as likewise in the London Gleaner, the Guyana Graphic, Stabroek News and the Guyana Chronicle of the gallant year. The President's wife Prof. Dr. VIOLA HARPER BURNHAM had been his mother's University language teacher for years. Thus, President FORBES BURNHAM himself, had made his father the official state-designer and awarded him a Medal by commissioning the Norwegian Design and Graphics Company LONSDALE HANS ADVERTISING for the jobs in the very country already as of 1965.


Their political inter-racial romances were widely publicized in many leading 60s magazines of that new-moral era of modern sexual novelty. The jolting assassination of his mother's former West Indian University sweetheart Prof. Walter Rodney was reported in the very same German magazine SPIEGEL in 1980 after his having lectured at the Hamburg University, as a hugely popular intelligent Black man in Germany. His mother fainted to the floor. His Uncle, the Guyanese-Jamaican statesman LORRY ALEXANDER, was a member of the BLACK PANTHER MOVEMENT and foremost political defender of Jamaican Rasta-Farian Faqir's cult and influential in ushering his German dad as a governmentally commissioned Tourism-Designer for the JAMAICA TOURIST BOARD in Kingston, bringing BOB MARLEY to Germany under his father's famous logo for REGGAE SUNSPLASH in 1974. Faqir Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann's life as a twin was born next door to JOSEPHINE BAKER's strandhouse villa on famous PIRATE'S TREASURE BEACH on Jamaica itself. American Sex-diva MADONNA re-enacted a tragic beach-suicide which had transpired in that famous secluded Pirate's bay back in the 40s in her 1997 pop-video “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE” (Madonna, RAY OF LIGHT Album), about the drunk blond Hollywood starlet linked to gay Hollywood-star EROL FLYNN on the same island. In the 70s a rich neighbour named Lady Tellwell introduced many other White female tourists who fancied the tragic history of the Pirate's bay, and patrolled the sandy banks at dusk in neglegé and a crystal gin charaffe, as did the starlet just before her suicide drowning. Whether or not the suspicions of a Jamaican mug-murder over any public mention of FLYNN's gayness, are uncertain.


The 2003 Hollywood-Disney movie “PIRATE'S OF THE CARIBBEAN” starring JOHNNY DEPP as a white-skinned version of Black gay Rasta-Farian Faqir Stunny Max Pharouk, as a White gay-fopping Pirate “Jack Sparrow” (corruption of birthname “Max Pharouqh”) immortalizes the famous Jamaica Treasure Beach where Stunny was actually born in 1971, not far from legendary Black Pearl Harbour. But because of the strong paranormal activity on that beach, it was no safe to film the movie there. After the mysterious death of the unknown 40s Hollywood-starlet, ancient dark shadows descended on the bay, and Josephine Baker's strand-house was reputed as horrifically haunted and termed “The Banana-Lady's House”, and off-limits to unwarranted trespassers. - JAMAICA was the country longest under the most brutal slavery, and greatly influenced by Obeah and Voodoo superstition.



In 1975, - the year of JOSEPHINE BAKER's death in France, Stunny's elder brother aged 10, braved the windswept lattice-work of her abandoned and haunted villa for the willies with sister and tiny siblings, and stole Josephine Baker's French cast-iron bath-mirror and gave it to his mum, who did not return it.


Voodoo unfolded, when the family had left Jamaica for France and Germany in Autumn 1979; coincidently aboard the last passenger cruise of the very same world-famous frate-ship, that the Banana-diva JOSEPHINE BAKER had made famous in countless silent movies and the old BANANA BOAT SONG in the 20s, the JAMAICA BANANA BOAT itself, bound for Dover and Calais. As the famous luxury-goods liner approached Dover's cliffs, the ship almost kentered keel in a violent sea-storm, but was mysteriously jolted back into position, hurling child Stunny 5 metres against a divan and gashing his forehead open, rendering his genius ultra rational, even though this was the second severe blow to his head. A ghost was protecting his mother from grief, and was felt on the ship at dinner time. Something else was going Bananas. When people wickedly later referred to the hurt child as “Mad-Max”, she throttled them with a display of her son's arcane genius spanning 6 fields of art and technology.


Already in 1973 on the haunted Treasure Beach itself, his German father WERNER STARZMANN for the same odd reason, named his very first independent design company after the birth-name of his 2 year-old son (Stunny) as “MAX-ROBIN BY THE SEA” with the logo of a robin-redbreast as a song-bird, and went on to design the world-famous logo for the multimillion-dollar REGGAE SUNSPLASH music festival, bringing BOB MARLEY to Germany, and not exacted money for immortalizing a Rasta-man on it, - as a friendship tribute gesture to Rasta-Farians (Pharaohs), because his important wife was of Black Pharaonic descent.


Before Disney's Movie “Pirate's Of The Caribbean” outed in 2003, the foppish Black-Egyptian Stunny was already turning heads in 2001 with a stunning witchcraft of nuclear gold-clamps adorning his Egyptian Rasta hair-style, upholding his Egyptian Marraqh Rasta heritage with a meadonnic Abyssinian coif of snake-medusa dreadlocks, after proclaiming to have made nuclear gold by just dipping glowing brass in chloride and then washing them in bromide bleach, then heat-galvanising them with liquid silica glass-dust, and appeared in a full-page spread in the London fashion magazine BB&H in 2005 as Black Cultural Mascot, named “STUNNY PHAROUK” (BLACK BEAUTY & HAIR / October 2005). He never yet sold Gold for money. The Bush Administration, which had tried to befriend his dad, hated him for spilling the beans about SILICON poisons and ancient Egyptian sciences of the occult OUIJA (Wejet) wich accompanied the growing nuclear AIDS SCANDAL he'd exposed as a Verontologist-Faqir in London in 2004, and been arrested by the French Interpol and deported to Germany to an asylum-jail for the insane in Offenburg, just for that.


The gay Faqir-Medium Stunny was initially a magical Reggae singer, but thwarted over the issue of HIV-cure COBRA-ANTIDOTE in Germany's medically controlled music system, for being a half-Egyptian Black German. - All this, despite being produced by the world-famous White British multi-platinum producer ANDY WHITMORE in 2001, on the deal that his genius was equal to Whitmore's smash-hit singer TERRENCE TRENT D'ARBY of equal heritage. He was told by record-majors to go blond, as did Trent D'Arby, and refused. They ignored him. He became a mulitple victim of cyanide food-poisons in Duesseldorf in 2007, and survived many racial police attacks.


A terrifying occult agenda began unfolding like Pandora's murder-box surrounding persecuted Homosexuality, Kabbalah, and HIV/ AIDS in EU foreign politics:





Summoned celebrity witnesses to Court data-file, were several former prominent media figures who've been medical subjects or inquirers of COBRA ANTIDOTE, at evidence. Interestingly, a rich industrialite female East-Indian Prominent, one Mrs. POONAM NAGAR SYED, spoused to the Industrialist Mr. MOMIN SYED (both of ancient East-Indian Syro-Persian aristocracy) appeared as an honourable Patient for having been on Cobra-Antidote, and been cured of a debilitating 5-year affliction termed as osteo-paralysis within the space of 4 short months. The revered but modest Indian Witness who didn't want to be named in violent public scrutiny to AIDS, had been a famous Kathak-dance star in India, and a devotee of the ancient Indian Deity called Black Madonna KALI MA VINDYIA VASINI, - ironically a pagan Devi, who is said to represent the female side of God in Dance, but who scoffs sardonically at the swooning attentions of male admirers like a noxious drink of poison. Likewise her Hindi maiden-name is NAGAR, meaning Snake-Naga. In India a NAGA is regarded as a half-woman half snake-devi in Hindu mythology, alluding to ancient Sri-Lankan belly-dance from the Sex-Temples of KHAJURAHO in Madhya Pradesh, India. Kajuraho means “God's high Justice”. Modern Delhi High Courts in India had legalized homosexuality long ago, on ancient metric grounds regarding overpopulation-science and the Hindu belief in the genderlessness of the soul. KALI MA is said to be a stronger version of Indian cobra-antidote made from Indian ink, known to the Hindu Irula tribe. Faqir Stunny Pharouk's 1998 song NAGA ASHANTI published in 2005, foretold of India's role, with hypnotic Hindi choirs and fervent sexual innuendo.


Next to the other media stars such as the cured Diabetic Entertainer RON WILLIAMS, or the medically poisoned Artist Millionaire MARKUS TOLLMANN, or all communication with MICHAEL JACKSON's management firm prior to Jackson's planned suicide by narcotic Silicon-overdose; was also American Pop-diva MADONNA'S stealth and uneasy interest as a disturbed Botox-victim in 2009, while she advertised for - and sold Bhutolinumtoxine (Snake-poisons) on medical stock-trade for artificial facial surgery through a German pharmaceutical company ALLERGAN. This gave striking chronological evidence to the importance of Oriental Cobra-Antidote against brain tumours through avid botox neuro-toxin user-addiction from this form of medical plastic-beauty-surgery. Yet, because of the intense controversial and damaging disrepute of pop-star Madonna's continued advertisement-sale and use of the lethal brand-name neuro-toxin BOTOX-Snake-Poison, makes open issue of neurotic neurological damage to the female head region, which became apparent as follows:


The well-known disparaging financial character of MADONNA'S self-made Jewish Kabbalah-Money-Sect in conservative Israel, adding to her reluctance to admit that her gay-bashing restrictive Jewish belief-system condemns her erotic lifestyle, nor to openly declare Iron Tannic Acid Cobra-Antidotum as a decarcinant against stiff facial damage of Botox-masking, and not to openly counteract fake AIDS-diags in Malawi Africa with the use of antivenin phosphors, detracted initially from any positive ethical appraisal of her sect's dishonest covert involvement. However her Kabbalah-sect paid the exorbitant phone-bill an impoverished Faqir Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann's made to Israel, when he'd given her a gift of the biological formula of Tannine Molasses for FREE. This phone-bill was admitted to court, though her public silence gave grave cause for pause. A classic Jewish stiff-neck and exclusive tight upper lip about financial mistakes, doesn't help anyone addicted to poisons that poisoned the truth in the brain...or does it? Yet, Madonna's publicized search for religious truth in a traditional forest of religious medical immorality cannot be condemned outright; if all her blind foot-kissing fans get kicked in the teeth, for not being half as desperately seeking a $$$usan. Madonna is a Botox-snake-poison victim, and parades her passionate transgressions di mea culpa, comma ma Cher.


Medical Abuse Of Western Media:

The limelight was due only to the applied scientific medical understanding of the EU-Directive 67-548-EEC regarding a stolen Oriental Pharma-Serpent Symbol of medicine and COBRA-ANTIDOTE in the Oriental folkloric Egyptian retention of ancient chemical history respecting the long overdue cure for a fake-snake sex-disease AIDS, which had e'er been hurled at Blacks and gays, while using the Aesculapian-Symbol “$” for the US-Dollar and dirty Money. - A stolen Egyptian obelisk stands before Washington's WHITE HOUSE on Capitol Hill, while Egypt exploded into civil war in 2011 over the issue of the top-heavy US-Dollar with a serpentine symbol “$” for skirmish!


All Arabian and Asian industrial exportation of cleansed food and goods to Europe or the USA adheres to this law, though the West didn't medically adhere to it. Conservative Jews did not historically invent nor devise serontine Oriental anaesthetic medicine of an ancient Egyptian surgical science, so condemned as “pagan-heathen-hedonist” by the Jewish Tora and Christian Bible. Even if modern Western interest in any sort of hidden Kabbalah had become sensitised only by pop-star MADONNA's religiously errant sex-scams; she certainly remains proverbially the wary scary Mary-Contrary, because the West isn't the only world there is.


Selling queer sex while riding Jewish wall-street bull like the Vatican's prodigal Pope diva of Bible-Babylon's biggest bloop in boobs, is just your favourite dumb blond way to beg gay Jesus to stay on the cross, 'cuz its a sightly relic. Jews however traditionally reject Jesus equal to gayness. Though pop-star Madonna is widely regarded as an intelligent sexual vixen to hottest topics of sexual liberation and a strident figure for gay equality; public patience is sorely tried by her controversial fancies, if shocking blondes aren't use to reading religious books; so why did she sell them for money?! - Holy female confessions on the dance floor, while gay Faqir Jesus wasn't invited to the party, except to clean up the mess.




During the court proceedings, it became apparent that the ancient Oriental history of chemical anaesthetics employed the oldest Egyptian Kabbalah (formulae) used in the pictogram of the sacred Pharaonic Egyptian Pharma Satan of Sudan as the Aesculapian red-string or moot blood line carried like a serpent's tale throughout numerology, grammatria, and the vibrant rainbow of human genetic chords. It has precious little to do with prude or conservative Judaiism or caturgical Catholic whiteness in terms of racial segregation, other than science's sorting function. The practice of Kabbalah is of phallic pagan origin and metaphysical Egyptian WEJET cult (OUIJA or Ouiji), which greatly sped an Oriental Medic to become regarded as a most reliable Tarot-Faqir-Medium through it's very occult agency, - charming an otherwise disastrous jail-sentence over his foreign skin and hair. OUIJA is studied and regarded greatly as the highest scientific form of Occult Ghost-Invocation and represents original Kabbalah out of the Upper Blue Nile valley in oldest Africa proper – ancient Egypt and Sudanese Nubia. OUIJA transliterally means YAHWEH in Chaldean Hebrew, as both Egypt and Babylon were joint Athalic regions, equally speaking Semitic dialects, - a Hindi melange of sorts.


In modern times, any first mention of a Prominent figure to have used African Cobra-Antidote to overcome a Mercury-food-poisoning in the former Oriental French colonies Tunisia and Algiers, was historically the world-famous French-American Sex-symbol JOSEPHINE BAKER during World-War 2, who'd in 1975, just 1 year prior to the horrid advent of the CIA disease AIDS in 1976, had alas bade farewell to 60 long years of world-fame on stage. In the sexual agenda of her heyday she'd been the first modern woman to be dubbed as legendary “Black Madonna”, “Black Venus”, and “Nero's Maria”, though herself a self-proclaimed bisexual Rainbow-Tribe Queen, in marriage only to gifted gay White men, and adopting multiracial kids to thwart modern overpopulation after a self-instigated hysterectomy to forestall pregnancy in a black dancing star in need of cash. She lived through the great wall-street crash of 1929 and the following economic depression, which repeats itself today due to over-population and balloon-banking industry. Homosexuality is clout. Although Josephine Baker owned a famous beach-villa on Jamaica's Treasure Beach next door to the childhood home of the half German-Egyptian Carcinologist Pharouk-Starzmann; he denies to be either her son, a Jesus, or a God, and was otherwise a viciously persecuted gay clairvoyant child genius, far from vainglorious. Any likely candidate for African Candacy or matron Madonna of Mahdia, could be his own Black mother, Mrs. JEWEL STARZMANN née PHAROUK-ALEXANDER, whose ancient Indo-African Madrati culture, firstly introduced the young Toxicologist to any probability of Snakeoil-Antivirals. His mother however remains modestly silent. - There was tactical fatal reason for this:




All later gruesome nuclear political threats relating to the detailed lethal chemical recipe of AIDS itself, were said to have been secretly proffered by a covert Ouija-scéance in which a most hoary and dangerously divisive Indo-Asiatic Ouija-Demon introduced as having the name PUAU, betrayed the lethal formula, but who likewise happens to be the invoked transient angry soul of Josephine Baker, who had overcome a political mercury-poisoning incident during WW2 and had owned the haunted Jamaican beach-villa next door to Stunny's parent's home on Pirate's Treasure Beach, where a Hollywood-starlet had committed suicide because of film-star ERROL FLYNN's same-sex relations with a Black male. MADONNA re-enacted the suicide in her pop-video “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE”. - Ouija is famously disturbing. - The first Black Madonna was ancient today. By dint of this, popstar MADONNA (Madonna Louise Ciccone) is suspected to have become diffident, not knowing how to tell of things far grander or older than she knew. Which Western hairdo reads Sanskrit, Arabic, or Cyrillic Piroglyphs everyday?! Ouija has been greatly popular in Hollywood, but known to expose stars whose occult secret for fame was covered from full view by militant political lies that efface GOD in sibling rivalry. Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann rejects negative fame, since arcane truth within all forms of powerful Witchcraft obligates you to truthful medicine and the divine act of TAROT, so trusted by politicians. Say the TRUTH! - Shout it out loud, from the highest mountain, ZION! - LOVE JAH OUIJA!

By Sanga Sinouoa & Suliman - article volont. - AIDS-SCANDAL 2012.










...therefore older links to other websites below, that handle the subject of AIDS in an honest manner, aren't up to date on COBRA-ANTIDOTE; but contain very interesting points you may want to investigate, in your legal battle for restitution! Official anti-AIDS website of the South African President Mr. THABO MBEKE, exposing other international American and European bigotry in medicine. - A virtual crime account on the Western AIDS-myth. Definately worth brousing! This dry factual info-website belonging to the South African President, contains the President's open statements on AIDS in South Africa. On this site also, more exquisite links to further Anti-AIDS campaigns! and Official website of the South African Government, with added info on the South African Governments attempts to expose the myth of HIV and AIDS. The South African President has been informed through Marrachey, of Mr. Max-Robin Starzmann's (STUNNY PHAROUK'S) legal case with the German government cover-up! and with added information on the investigations of the German Anti-AIDS doctor Dr. HEINRICH KREMER, who studies cell-symbiosis, and the plausibility that AIDS numbers in africa are artificial, and cancers in the West are a money making sceam! a fine German site, with interresting info about how selective western medicine goes about choosing its AIDS sufferers, from the sex-industry to ones private bedroom. The statisitcs are baffleing. However the webmaster has only recently heard of the true reasons for AIDS as being SILICON-RNA. There will be ammendments shortly. a good website with very hard hitting facts as to why people are disgusted with the futility of the silent Western AIDS-bomb! It accounts very informatively to what lengths scientists go, to efface the simplest medical truth. is a German publishing house that has published numerous books on fake medicine, however info on the RNA-silicon AIDS scandal is new to them, - however you will find excellent material in the framework of medical research, on the chemical misdemeanors done onto patients with AIDS, DIABETES, CANCER and HEART DISEASE..etc.



Many former AIDS-FOUNDATIONS were fake money business or publicity scams supporting the drug industry and siliconised pharma products, such as AZT and other iron-inhibitors, so we generally do not include their links on our pages, and warn you of their socalled good nature!