Take three tablespoons of silicon-sexglide or neutral petroleum, and mix it into your favourite cooking-oil, and find out why so many stars were diagnosed with the American CIA-disease after 3 months!

Stunny Pharouk's ability to defy AIDS is an irritation to the medical field in semi-control of world media.

The Faqir Stunny Pharouk exposes the way SECRET SERVICES pursued him in dimwitted aims of white supremacy  - "Why did these gay autocrats even bother?! It made no scence". With the disasterous political family history that over 900 US-citizens were murdered in the famous toxic cyanide Jonestown massacre of 1978 while caged in a mad religious American sect hidden deep in the GUYANA jungle, kinda streached their mental capacity a bit! POISON is the hallmark of all madly ministering Jedi-American sects. The South-American President LINDEN FORBES BURNHAM had been the best friend and employer of Stunny's mother (a Diplomat Linguist and Translator) who'd given his German father the position as State Propaganda Designer. Both parents later became members of the violent American Money-Sect called The Jehovah's Witnesses, which the son angrily escaped. Also the worldfamous German Ex-Hitler-Youth founder Prof. Dr. MICHAEL JOVI had held a widely press-publicized society-wedding in which he actually married Stunny's mother's university-colleague in the ex-colonial Abyssinian snake-hole of GUYANA, where the American Jonestown sect had commited suicide with a faster concoction of the AIDS-inducing substance which killed them with the speed of serpent venom. His Guyanese Aunt COLEEN FARAOUQ-ALEXANDER-NEWMANN became the first Black UN-Nato Diplomat married to a Jewish US-Manager of CON EDISON Electrisity corporation New York, Mr. ALAN NEWMANN. The planned Oriental uprising got started in 2004 after Stunny Pharouk successfully escaped a lurid business deal of President GEORGE W. BUSH directed at his German father, all because Oriental mass-graves of dead opposed Egyptian Faqirs families had been designed to keep the political weakpoint about the HI-virus being weaker than oldest Pharaonic Cobraviral Venom-Antidote a dark secret! The uncertain future of Western medicin was at total risk, and Stunny didn't want a mad share in  the sexual science of the stupid Nazi nerd


Marginal soil and exploding cities, - are the harvest of old religious ideals held by a heterosexual God of consumerism,  but His contention can't allow for Africans and gay designers to foot the bill for the trembeling lesbians who are forced by religion to bear lots of jewish sons and daughters! Overpopulation is a gay crime.


Stunny's German landlords belonged to the idiotic Scientology sect, and tried to use the sexglide the artist layed as a trap for them in his bedroom to poison him. They mixed heavy doses of the tasteless nuclear substance Stunny abstains from,  into the Faqir's cooking oils, and injected other packaged foods with the poison. 

Traces of white gasolene (Spritt / French fuel) were found in the popartist's drinking water and sealed tin-preserves were found contaminated! As soon as he started to put on large amounts of fake muscles from these hidden stearoid fuels;  the artist knew immediately what to do! - Immediate detoxification!


Not withstanding the fact that many supermarket food-products are contaminated with silicon preservatives, which he doesn't eat, the hunt was on to make it appear as though Stunny's shortlived AIDS-spasms could be prolonged or termed incurable, - or otherwise saved by the mad Scientology Church, who didn't want to expose the cure! They goofed instead. The Scientology bizz had enough time since 1978 to help others, but refused! These inane attempts to keep poisoning Stunny did not work, and many Germans learning of the silicon scandal around Stunny, are forcing the German state into restitution, by quitting work, and enjoying the luxury of reclining on their taxpayed wellfare system, to get even on the death-industry holding their governments in medical hostage! The gigantic pharmaceutical alliances arround the world are owned by filthy rich chemists who are of old nazi coine... and also Jewso-Arian! They own the banks, print all your money, and therefore don't realy require tax, excepting for sadistic reasons. Tax-havens are therefore no real threat to governments, if you know that a government-press prints "money for favourites".


Not only are common Germans, who are caught as victims, beginning to hunt down doctors; - they are secretively inducing their own sicknesses by buying so-called "government-tested" over-the-counter drugs that induce cancer, to prove their point and worse yet; are resorting to NUKER CAMPAIGNS, in wich restaurant-workers seek out indeviduals to nuke their meals with tasteless BENZOL and SEXGLIDE! - They are seeing red! - Infact, this sort of NUKING started in TURKEY in 2004 and spread via the highly influential gay-lesbian society and the Black underground, to the USA in 2007, in immitation of the most famous family member of the huge Kala M'Hara (MARRACH) clan once born in slavery, JOSEPHINE BAKER! Whatever is happening in other tourist-territories, can only be imagined! The press is trieing to ignore a silent growing nuclear mushroom. It is the biggest Western imbarrasment todate and everyone is stupidly observing the next man, and hoping that things will blow over. - It can't blow over; - things have gone way to far.


Oddly enough, the EC did long outlaw all nuclear (silicoid) substances for internal use, and did stipulate their usage, not to be used in the human body, - yet these substances are indeed illegally put to use by the medical profession, who can't even begin to deny all the mess they've created and are powerless against private nukers, fakers and secret toxic-gun crimes slipping under! Toxic drugs are administered under prescription, whereby the exclusive "controlled prescription right" held by doctors, is useless if we are all being poisoned by scientific nuclear euphoria in food-preservatives, butter, margarine and birth-controll methods (condoms and glides) anyhow! Since the publishing of this website, Stunny has been enjoying inverted fame, as the people's calashnikov! The media owned by some banks and pharamceutical companies hate him! - Even that doesn't bugger him, since he absolutely hates, vilifies and scorns their press as frumped, greedy, clichéed and somewhat empty. - ...And many share his fine opinions!


Since the German state, as the root of the West, with its own people's agency controlled by tax cannot affoard any financial demise if not existing in advariance to its people; the European Parlament is forced to hunt down criminal medical consortiums and their labs, in search of restitution, if taxmoney needed to keep the order are to remain in court, - that's if, these moneys the criminals hold, aren't the same taxmoneys! The question arises: Is Hitler's mom still alive? Hence, many youngsters in particular are railing up against the system, and indulging on social wellfare and ceasing to pay tax! - "I think it's the fall of Rome!" one man claims, - but its far from it: By drinking silicon, some poor GERMANS are becoming a sociological cancer by  mimiking famed fake GERMS and everything from the common flu to "nuclear malaria" and "polycolitis" by drinking toxic wastes and swallowing painkillers, and some young women are going as far as swallowing the silicon content of jel-tampons, so that they can get paid for the official lies their governmental institutions had used to extract high taxes with! And WHAT is to be done when your RESTAURANT MEAL is savourlessly toxic, and gay-lesbian service-workers smile too much...or don't like to smile at all?! The social wellfare system is however forced to work up and hand out money, if  firms make tail by "fireing" their employed friends, and not all their income is declared for taxation nor carried to the bank!  As salacious as western media always has been, Germany's press and media were eager to milk the AIDS-myth on Africa for all the profit they could get, - eventhough a healthier and sexually diverse world would have stood them in better stead, if only these opinion-makers had been willing to make just profit! To be playing the word's policeman, the western tune falls flat, if whilst turning up on everybody's terf, they are begging with a high nose! - Socalled First-World developement just took too long!


The common man owns all the monetary power, if he doesn't permit any of the media governed by banks, labs and state-owned universities, to use our hard earned dollars, to apply their drugs and peer-pressure, to make us servile to a druglord who lost his mask. Youngsters aren't owned by any state, and are styling themselves insubordinate and obstinate in the face of all the lies, and German business people along with employed family heads, hate to pay tax on a new nazi farce!!! - GERMANY, AS THE ROOT OF THE WESTERN REST, IS ANGRY AND CHANGING! - Germans no longer want to support an AIDS-HOLOCAUST, as long as they share the same fate as Africa. So, many Germans in view of Euro-tax evasion, are currently hitching a funny ride with evacuating foreign emigrants, so as to find the proverbial balitree.


"...Surely, mass breeding sad mad cows and doomed oxen, fish and lambs

with the little green thats left on the planet, just for 

gluttonous western mass-consumerism and heterosexed overpopulation, crammed in highstory builings and skysrapers,

instead of irrigating the desert, and eating the fast growing greens ourselves,

  ditching meat,

and leaving Africans and queers to live in peace; 

is no way to claim religious or racial superiority.  

We have become a very stupid planet,

because a bleached god created an awkward little Adam,  whose stupidity transends his capacity to love!

...When EVE has no trees, her fruits can't call you!"


                                               - STUNNY PHAROUK


In the face of the planet's carelessly induced ecological disasters over centuries, and the inherited impending problems stemming from the nuclear age, it made no real sence to cut down simplistic high achievers like Stunny, just to hide the fact of urban western overpopulation based on the perversion of feudal heterosexed religion and consumerism, using fake diseases to curb the planet's eating habits.


All the lies about RNA-fluids (rado-nucleic solubes) emiting mysterious rays, was to merely hide the high vellocity of the electrical field and the CIA's ability to film individuals without using a lense, and nothing but electrical points in a home, sending extremely exact seizmic impulses from one electrical socket to a wall-lamp, and back to a socket. Even colours are visible, because colour has varing worths in ions, and air is always filled with water-molecules as moistured gas, wich is always charged with electrical radio waves. The entire stupid secret was only about COLOUR! But the question arises: What for??? Was it to calm us down, that satelites in outer space will send us the pictures, that wireless white voieurs stenographed of our arses in the toilet on earth, after savouring the view? ...Why all this secrecy, if we are all just as naked as sweet niggers in a bush anyhow?


Wireless radioactive waves are electricity fields that carry information, sounds and pictures, and silicon will not emit mysterious cancer-causing rays; not even if it is set ablaze with or without alkohol. Its a compound used for binding and insulation. - Hence, only electrically charged  water can electricute you, but electricity can't cause any cancer just by switching on a light bulb, but can only shake you up, if you happen to thrust your wet masculinity contrary to nature, into a wall-socket, instead of the many other pleasing options our diverse species divinely provide! - Who needs toxic nuclear orgasmics caused by silicon usage, anyway?! Such a fastidious medical joke, bears every sign of homophobic blasphemy from a tiny woman with a small penis to suit her historic little mustache! 


Silicon rays are todate only the sickening fever that is caused, when the cells have been turned to wax or plastic. - The body cannot sweat or breathe freely. Silicons and petrols are the internal cause for cancer, and atomic secrets were the most wicked white hoax other worlds have ever seen! 


Dr. Arthur Yosha Burnside explained, that Albert Einstein knew, that an ATOM, out of the Egyptian word ATUM-RÉY (atomic ray/ motion), aswell as the coptic word ATUM-MAAT not only somantically resembles AUTOMAT, but in reverse psychology also means TA’ MOTO  (The Motor / backwards: Rotum) and is hieroglyphically sublime in ATUM / backwards: MUTA (mutation/ Mother), i.e. male aswell as female, and is often pictured as a fat TOMATO in the skies, resembling a SUN or  Source of RED (French: Écrue de dorre) and linguistically akin and equally masculin as feminin! – ATOMIC illnesses underlie kabalistic MOTTOS of chemistry, and tomatoes heal atomic damages in the human anatomy and the skin. - These are accurate divine jokes!


It just has to be equally God's expounding in time, that the secret "S" on the cross-symbol of the dullwitted Church Of Scientology, stands for the same substance in relation to the number "5"  standing for the "five powerfull substances: "SILICON, SALINE, SACARINE, SIDER-ACID and SPIRITS" as the socalled "secrets of SATAN" (SUDAN) in their racistic "FAIR GAME" strategy, all dressed up in cheap yellow sneakers made in poorest India, and whispered in an undertone to holy toadies, cavorting like Bessy on a ragpole, whilst others die of it!

Without African sugar-alcohol you can't drive a car on nuclear gasolene. And even the charrcole for 19th century locomotives, steamships and luxury-liners, came from collonialy decimated SUDANESE FORESTS in Somalia, which litterally went up in smoke! - Silicon in all the fuels that cars consume, have always been nuclear energy and have always been made with crude thick silicon-deposits called earthoil, with African cane-alkohol (cane-A). What we like to call "green energy", is assimilated from African talkum quazite with vegetable fats!


All Gasolene is based on extreme amounts of KANE-SUGAR ALCOHOL with SILICON, and was eversince an African investment into buying their freedom. Hence, driving with African SUGAR-ALCOHOL (called AFRI-KANE from A'PHARA-KHANIS for Pharaonic Kanaanite) stolen from starving black babies,  will only agravate the price of starvation in Africa, by the cars we all drive in overpopulated and congested cities! - Best it would be, to critically discourage culturally distrucktive animosity to rational and biological homosexuality, underlieing religious heterosexual overpopulation, with its allpervading greed through racism and genocides. ...and to tell your spared delicate white daughter  to learn the facts of life, harden-up and walk to school, instead of having her historically overstuffed and overbearing pride and buttox transported on the African baby's sugar and nursing-silk! - Get even; nuclear science in silk and sugar is Egyptian and cleverly bi-sexed, but katholic deforestation of Eden's trees for Christmas isn't! 


The following songtext is quite telling:




Felling christmass trees,

like killing CHRISTS in MASSES!

 Nailing MEN to stumps,

while bearing up their ARSES!


Sipping grails of blood; 

they leech on corpus cristi !


cross a mixture,

cross betrayed!

cross the RIVER!



My cristal cultured crisalis 

I rapture from a tree!



HAMERICA turned!


Your world's built on Brown Sugaaar! 

GOD makes the Nigger laugh!




Good Drums will never die!

- Pharaonic Phonics fly!

Your cummers down to earth,

put back the solid worth!

A tribute to Bhuto's butts.





(c) (p) Zion Dandy Lion (R)Trademark AMALA).


And when the KluKlux clan of doctors and pharmaceutical companies start taking their own race hostage, it is time to expose them as the world's most wicked terrorists, hackers and what Egypt called HYKSOS and fellers of lifesupport-systems, destroying law and order in worldwide tax-controlled political social and municipal works! - A minority to be spurned.


No political estate arives at solid human rights or fair economy, if a deliquent clandestine group undermines the set laws of civil rights that tax-payers have outlined. Civil Rights are the only natural religion, and exist without a priestly class, church or jewish prayerhouse, and are found under every African tree held in communism! - GOD makes the tree that feeds us!


Hiding the connection silicon holds to nuclear energy in a medical shroud of control and drug-cartels, did not work! Stunny's scientological landlord fell into a trap. - Stunny doesn't use any sexglide at all.  


"Obviously white pills from the white robes in the big white houses,

love to support awkward katholic sex-phobias,

 by creating fake white plagues on divining black Egypt.




It is so easy. If you know why poor African street kids ditch AIDS as quickly as they are in line to have it from a street medic; you'll realise how semi-salty sea-water used for boiling old pepper-sprouts with grass in a preferably rusting tin-can from a garbage heap, gives them more iron and penicilin, than the white law alows! - The sun's heat does the rest!!! 


The nuclear "fair game" is over!


In collaboration with Dr. Arthur Yosha Burside's Book "Harmageddon! - Heaven's Sex With Hell". 2003

Website copyright licensed to Stunny Pharouk 2005, 2007, 2008