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- And what modern medicine withheld from you for profit!   

SILICON is a gene altering galvinising agent, and becomes the NUCLEAR VEHICLE, RNA (; the tryglycerides cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol and dimethicon), known chemically as RADO-NUCLEIC-ATOMIC-SOLUTION/ SILICA, from overheated plant petroleum with TALCUM-QUARZITE, or gleaned from the  earth's oil deposits of animal or plant petroleum-wax (EARTHOIL). It is a STEROID and STERATE COMPOUND, aswell as a hardenig STARCH and is the most binding and heat dispersing agent known to man! - Yet, an Egyptian cobra carries silicon as a poison in its fangs and the viper has become the signal of pathological PHARMA and POISONOUS LIES of a split double tongue! Compare a snake's VIROTOXIN to HIV or a toxic compound!


Today COBRA ANTIDOTE is successfully made and used by Felahin Faqir Dr. STUNNY PHAROUK-STARZMANN against all viral infections including HIV-AIDS. Yet after 30 years and 20 million AIDS-deaths under the sign of the Pharmaceutical Aesculapian Serpent, we ask why Western medicine has ignored ancient Egyptian science? Jews and Christians have long leaft EGYPT, but while raiding the tombs for GOLD, have overlooked what's most important: how you cure CANCER and how not to look like a sorry bag of WRINKLES!


The American war on IRAK, was only about posessing the TALCUM-MINES that SADDAM HUSSEIN's nation rightfully owned. A novel half-coloured US-President like BARACK OBAMA is a clueless and useless historic projection to keep a stupid NUCLEAR MEDICAL monopole an all-American White house-proud power of SILENT ATOMIC and well HIDDEN MASS-DESTRUCTION, at the financial cost of international HEALTH, to rid the unsuspecting world of BLACKS and Homosexuals in a biblically Jewish sence, by using RADO-NUCLEAR extracts, while dancing to Obamboo Jazz! Western doctors invented the AIDS-HOLOCAUST with the noxious use of hidden SILICON to cause a wellknown SPLENIC ANTHRAX FEVER, and are thirsty for more war for TALCUM.- A way too powerful white WOMAN caused all this mess. Yet, WHITE WOMEN die of cancer every day. - What went wrong?


Well, the biggest white woman is actually quite hard, horny, hollow, and hard of hearing and looks quite like a drag-queen: she's the statue of liberty; - or whatever liberty means to whom! 


SILICONS have been leathaly used by the AMERICAN FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) of the United States Of America, for DRUGS, MILK- and EGG SUBSTITUTE, PRESERVATIVES and ATOMIC PROJECTS, such as SPACE PROGRAMMS, NUCLEAR REACTORS, GOLD REPRODUCTION and BOMBS. SILICON finds its most liberal use in birthcontrol and sex-lubricants, and have been discovered as the primary reasons for caged cells leading to imune deficiency, without a valid basis for the assumption that a "Highly Infectious Virus", famously called HIV ever existed! - All chemical molecules are flamable and therefore termed VIRAL (ling. = PIRO/ FUEL / FIRE). To lie about nature is foolish. 


American science is verced with the use of hidden WEAPONS OF MASS-DESTRUCTION, since a very long time, through sneak-silicon and "yellow" religious sects! - Saddam Hussein was a saint in comparison! 


It has been exposed by the Abbessinian Marrachéy, that the socalled “RADIOACTIVE” CHEMO-PHARMACUTICAL POISON SILICON, utilised on cancer patients, not only clogged the internal organs of the recipients, causing dry calcifications of liver, splean and endocrine system, but also shortens the lifespan of incubated infants and hardens the spinal chords of geriatric patients, resulting in ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE and DEMENTIA in old-peoples homes and mental assylums. Beyond the shadow of a doubt; such places merely shut people down! SILICON generaly induces in healthy people; through the administering of SILICOID TRANQUILIZERS containing the SILICON DRUG INSULIN or WAX all kinds of imune deficiencies, ranging from DIABETES, HEPETITIS-SICKLECELL ANEMIA to SIPHILIS and in increasing dosages of the substance, will cause BED-SORES (SPORIASIS) and multiple aquired imune deficiencies recognized also as AIDS, or systemic LUPUS!


AIDS is and always has been a PANTHEON of STATES of IMMUNE IMBALANCES through sterates and steroids, that bind the LIVER. The word "LEPROTIC" is derived liguistcally from the Egypto-Abessinian word LEPERI, meaning LIVER. SILICOID PETROLS may dull pain for the moment, and even stave hunger in Africans, but the World Health Organization (WHO) knows of its lethal quality to turn sugars into hardened wax, deep in the cells of the body, but are however fitfully frightened of public reactions to the scandal! Already thousands of Africans are aware of fake American "FU-FU FLOUR" and "GARLIC-OILS" invading the continent from Arabian places, and even openminded German consumers who love foreign food have been terribly affected! - Fake instant FUFU flour from the USA and South Africa, is a leading administrative evil in Africa and causes strokes and creeping brain tumors, - and was introduced by a white English female administrator, MRS. CAROLINE COX. - Many were not surprised, on hearing her name. She was known as a rassist. African firms who produce their goods outside of Africa aren't African, - but exist for other reasons!


AIDS stems from strong overdoses of  plant-petroleum and animal RNA-SLICKA, which balls in the cellpathways of the body over time, and can be compared with a wrong intravenous blood transfusion of a foreign blood group overnight. Medical bloodgrouping only exist by dint of the amounts of RNA-lipids in each type of individual, anyway! Many Bloodbanks are hence made with fake blood. – Recovery from an accident, may be rapid or sporadic, depending on the blood-supplement issued to a patient. Something equally western, and equally wrong! All ARTHROSIS, HEMORIDGINGS and ARTHRITIS, are known to the medical profession and caused by superfluous amounts of SILICA or SILICA-CORTISON DROUT (DRYNESS) in the body's metabolic (iron) exchange!


SILICON is found in illegal and generous amounts in all supermarket foodchains, as a preservative on all packaged dead animal tissue, or silicon-preserved foods and sweets, causing addictive behavior reactions in favor of certain foods as above others. SEXLUBES and COCKPITSPRAYS which have equally enjoyed popularity in modern sexuality since SILICON VALLEY, and have the strongest concentrations of SILICON or Trygliceride Petrolatum!


GRID was the first American media-name for a VASELINE-induced HEPATITIS-BLOOD CANCER among Californian homosexuals and lesbians, who practiced anal intercourse or fisting with a lucent, and it has been falsely proclaimed as an infectuous disease, only by virtue of the means of its assimilation into the human body during sexual contact. This is also the real reason behind medical HISTORECTOMIES on women, who had long used VASELINE as a sex-lubricant, only to succumb to cancer of the uterus. Gay men invariably only become passive, when using siliconised-glidecreams in anal sex practices, since with its use in the rectum, it combines with bitter sulphers in the digestive trackt, to a drugging cocaine on the outer prostate walls! This practice lames errectile capability, and occult cocaines near the colon, make for strong addictive behavior, associated rather with the sexual activity, - which however directly results from the occult cocaines caused by SILICONS in the digestive region, increasing the risk of prostate cancer and imunal deficiencies! All this, is the explaination why, oral sex with an AIDS-afflicted individual, can lead to a socalled infection ("BURN"), only if a sex-partner was already weakened by RNA substances in meat and jells. Mothers or fathers with AIDS, can become pregnant with healthy children, without passing the deficiency down to offspring if vegan during pregnancy and iron levels are kept high.


However the American sickness was not quite known to homosexual Europeans or polygamous Africans, - or Africans in general, - Brasillians or Asian homosexuals, used cooking-oils without condoms, but readily suffered from animal induced burns from liberal consumption of meat. Bodybuilders and athletes were and are a higher risk-group, if in the practice of supplementing muscular hypertrothy with STEROIDS and MEAT!!!


Cooking-oil as a sexual lubricant is a healthy old practice  that has preserved French health, down into the Gaieté Parisian age of the 1920s, a time when vegan lifestyle had became extremely popular to slimming French society, and sexually transmitted diseases were at an altime low, for the West.  Many fine French cheeses were made from wine, flour, salt, sugar and spices! It is therefore to be accounted WHY vegan Asians and vegan Africans have been aflicted with such a scourge, if they do not use petroleum lubes in sex! New suspicions therefore fell on imported American or European foodkinds with silicon additives, such as has been discovered in Ghana: flour and cooking oils from California!


COBRA-ANTIVIRAL ANTIDOTE is AFRICAN and effective against AIDS-POISONING!It is made from African SUGERCANE BITTERS, and is the only thing that will cure viral infections such as AIDS-POISONING! So, how poor do you expect Africans to become if Western household sugar is exported from Africa and other poor Black countries so cheaply. Sugar has always come from Africa, and the lies of PHARMA are very dangerous for the West. 



Updated 21. Apr. 2009


//Source: Arthur Yosha Burnside’s Book: “HARMAGEDDON! – Heaven’s Sex With Hell!” (c) (p) 2005/ 2006.