GOLD is brass molten with glass and the POWER of AFRICAN HISTORY over white LIES!


//Source: Arthur Yosha Burnside’s Book: “HARMAGEDDON! – Heaven’s Sex With Hell!” (c) (p) 2005/ 2006.



From year 1180 AD until 1928 German pharmacies had sold "MUMIA" - a mummie-corpse powder as a sex-disease remedy and famous aphrodisiac for the Christian public that visited brothels in secret.  Mummie powder was made with the dry corpses of mummies imported until 1928 from ravaged Egyptian graves, that were looted of their glazed brass as NUBIAN GOLD. Europeans aren't EGYPTIAN and cannibalism wasn't human! Mummie-powder was a medical cannibalism enforced by the Bible's Jewish view of Egypt's wealth. Had Europeans  been Egyptian and not a Jewish offshoot, then Moslem Arabs would not have sold Egyptian mummies for human consummation to morbid feudal Europe under a joint Semitic father ABRAHAM home to the desert. Setting christmas trees on fire doesn't work! Try something else!


To steal the Egyptian Aesculapian serpent for WHITE medical shrines and pharmaceutical banking stupidity, but not to have understood what an AFRICAN COBRA-VIRUS ANTIDOTE is to any VIRUS such as AIDS or any CANCER, is to say that incest with your kid sister made you DAFT! Alas dimwitted Jews needed a tenth plague on royal Egypt, and never found one that was stronger than Black magic; - something supernatural moves with a drink of  MOLASSES! - A Sacred SATAN of the SUDAN!


BEAUTIFUL BLACKS cure a white mental sickness with a Blacker magic than you know, and it cures the historic wrinkle-faced fat-arsed incest sau of a white pus-faced world reclining with a big mouth under a solarium, too! Unequal currency conversion rates and raid-tourism are a trap of DEATH to Western tourists visiting EGYPT if the stolen Abyssinian Obelisc Of Egypt stands before the "White House" in Washington and Oriental GOLD had been a molten glass galvinised brass all along! 


The last blitheringly stupid US-President GEORGE W. BUSH,  described the  socalled AIDS-scourge like this:


“...The best solution and the most silent American nuclear bomb, AIDS

 has a pretty plausible argument going for it;

- the colateral damage

also among white populations!...Who’s gonna tell...!”


What first sounds like a light joke, wasn't that funny at all. It's stupid! Called SIDA in latin languages; the US-codename AIDS is purposefully held  close to its namesake target ADIS ABEBA; the ancient Abessinian capital city in Central Africa, for the simple reason, that counter intelligence suggests that the old jewish parameter for keeping anything secret, would be to put the motive point so obviously exposed, that nobody would honestly believe a theif would so obviously expose his agenda quite as open. In this way; they believe, nobody would suspect any malicious design at all. Psychologically speaking; they feel victims would fall into a psychological trap! - However, things did not quite work out that way!

  The counter-question to their subposition is: WHY would anyone feel, that inventing a synthetic nuclear disease, that economically devastates your own people, would expand the political influence of precicely such a weakened nation, unless such politics hides a secret agenda and stinks to high heavens?! - And who would want to unwittingly become a number in the colateral AIDS-death statistic, anyway?


The TALCUM-MINES of IRAK wich AMERICAN POLITICS thought so vital for their continued production of SILICON for the worldwide nuclear AIDS-HOLOCAUST under the leadership of their last President GEORGE W. BUSH, were the rightful national posession of late Irak dictator SADDAM HUSSEIN and his people, and the reason for a stupid war with a bloop-name: "SEARCHING FOR HIDDEN WEAPONS OF MASS-DISTRUCTION" ...and are since deemed nessesary for their latest President, BARACK OBAMA and his "sublimely sustained" ATOMIC-POLSTERING PROGRAM, whilst he forbids other nations to use their own TALCUM-RESERVES or facepowder! After OBAMA's plausible premature death as a repeatedly hepatitis-sick and slimey leader, his doctors may seek to continue their warped secret plans! - The recent murder of the Iraki President SADDAM HUSSEIN, likewise halted that Iraki leader's initial plot to reveal what new and SILENT AMERICAN NUCLEAR WEAPONS realy are;  namely malevalent and noxious  SILICOID MEDICINE, such as leathal HORMONE DRUGS, FOOD PRESERVATIVES and especially AIDS PILLS like AZT and ARVs! - Ironically, Irak was actually on its way to becoming an AFRICA-friendly neighbor, having no nuclear war arsenals to declare...and Saddam Hussein wasn't interrested in becoming yet another fake doctor.  - He had the right to help and develop his country's very own cultural future, if even Thaliban news-specials were filmed like loony-tune moonlandings in the originaly INDIAN Arizona desert, now called the CIA Hollywood Stage Area 51. - Truely, little intelligence very well hidden.


What unearthly reason would a mixed-race President like BARACK OBAMA have, for keeping the EGYPTIAN powder-puff of POWER called TALCUM out of the world's innocent mental or scientific grasp, if he doesn't himself quite understand what TALCUM QUARZ for KOREAN PORCELLAINE realy is or can do?!? SILICA from TALCUM is binding LUCENT GLASS CRYSTAL and  is therefore superconducting to LIGHT and ENERGY, and is the NUCLEAR-CHAIN COMPOSITE NR 1 and NANO-MICROMOLECULAR in structure! The new US-President, BARACK OBAMA by name, does not really rule the world, just yet! And his lack of important chemical knowledge obviously serves the interrests of medical white robes, sneaking around an all too White house in Washington! US-President BARACK OBAMA is therefore an IDIOT! ...because his group of doctors are currently very  frightened of small tourist-terror-islands or the ANGRY HOMOSEXUALS in his nation's very own metropoles; because today's NUCLEAR BOMBS have been tiny little "yellow" weapons of mass-destruction called AIDS-PILLS, and now is covertly hidden ANA-BENZOL in restaurant-food in return! - Gay members of the local American POLICE hate to be made a fool of! Jetsetting penetrance, or overbearing "whiter attitudes", descending loudly on formerly peaceful tropical idyls, will fly back home "sicker than a homo! - and with a window period to die for"


After what Germany did to STUNNY PHAROUK, any hurt nation would nuke on white tourists with silicon in restaurant food, until the true reason for AIDS is..."an easy white out!"...Muslims and immigrants don't need an extra invitation to acheive this even on home terf. BRASIL and INDIA are number one nukers. "There are more of us, than there are of you!", said Stunny Pharouk. But Western media once more cowardly hides from warning their own white people, and are busy hating a racially mixed Stunny Pharouk for having exposed that 90ml of SILICON in the blood is HIV-AIDS!


HITLER could have respected his own homosexuality, - because the fear of the self-dilusional lesbian in hiding, may in the face of today's world-overpopulation, be most offputting to real men! - This is just about everybody's ancient Egyptian nature! "EGYPT" means "EGO-ECONOMY" - "EGALITY IN OPTICS" = Equality / Inuity / and nackendess! - EDEN. - All races! - For they all have always been in existance!


Eversince the coining of the word GENOSIDE; and as long as the word GEN is read from back to front as NEG in all languages; NEGROES have been the target of jewish to Arabian genoside, for a very long time! Hence AIDS, as stupid as politics around the nuclear POLYMER SILICON (POLONIUM) is, does bear the same name as the oldest Central African city ADIS on the Gulf of ADEN! -The dimwitted American war of Jewish Zionism, revolves around the posession of what they hold as the location of biblical EDEN (ADEN), owned by Coptic Christians, and seen by them as the place of GENESIS of all civilisation: EGYPT! - Yet, Jews can't seem to make up their minds wether PALESTINE is to be preferred as their holey land of redemption, or ANCIENT EGYPT; - the one they supposedly left behind in search of the ten commandments in a wilderness already void of christmass-trees!


Historically speaking, the very first religious attack led by the three most religious books on earth, was aimed primarily at HOMOSEXUALITY, and proves that the intelligent hedonistic lifestyle of the older Egyptians, Romans, Indians and Greeks was mix-generic and cross-sexual in civility, and thence only as far back in time as the MIDDLE AGES and the green Northpole. So, what really happened? Heathans are hedonist; and the last of their wonderful kind were obviously BLACK....or classically white male Homosexuals in like vain percecuted! - Both groups are in execess agressively attacked! - Both groups are exceedingly culturally gifted! - This SEX-WAR started all other WARS, until the unmarried  Jesus ended up hung as a dead and childless VIRGINAL divo and christian sexmaskott of inuity, - all as a warning for the sort of crieing catholic hooked on a bloody cross and a rosery all night! Today his brethren are only socially or morally acceptable, if under a strickt vow of sexual celibacy and asexual asceticism! THIS TOO, HAS AN END!!! 


Here now;  are all the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to know as a victim: 




Biochemical warfare is as old as the ancient Egyptian cities of SILA’SILKHA, were SILICA and SILK were first made. COBRA-ANTIDOTE was used in EGYPT as a regular detoxin of pugil. The ancient black MITAWSA (Medusa) tribes of the MAADI in Aswan, all fashioned Silicon from petroleum and quarz, and are till this day ingenious in the use of medicine, - wherefrom the name MEDICI is derived. For Western medicine to claim to be of Egypt but not use COBRA-ANTIVENIN as a cure-all in centuries is an ugly joke that smells of Jewish seperatism. Rastha-Pharonic dreadlocks are the legendary snakes of medusa on Nubian solar wigs down to this very day, and were always made from SILICONISED BAMBOO-SUGARPLAST, and transformed to 100% HUMAN HAIR (% = 96) within minutes, after dunking them in TERPENTINE-SALIVA (TERPENTINE with CHLORIDE and PETROLATTUM)! It is known in Ethiopia as BATH-SHEBA or "The Bath Of Saba (sheeps)", aswell as after a SUB-Saharan Queen of Sinai (Zion), in which sugar-silk was spun in a CIRCLE (Cairo) around spinnetts and transformed to geneticaly real hair in this legendary and highly toxic URANIUM-BATH, to recreate Phallic-Locks known as Fellac'kis (Kiss /or falling Cushite Curl / or the "Kisscurl" on JOSEPHINE BAKER'S forehead, - and a maskulin one on MICHAEL JACKSON'S) aswell using this uranium bath, for making luxurious MINK-NARLS and BLACK CASHMERE WOOL (CUSH-MOORE-HAIR / Mowhair-felt used as Rastalint dreadlocks). - Its all a BIO-CHEMICAL process of cold heat and radium-activity! The word CHEMISTRY is derived since time began, from KHEM, HAM and therefore KHEM'T, and a hair-comb is as historically Egyptian as it is linguisticaly linked to an enigmatic African place in Egypt called COM'OMBO, where combs of fake HORN-PLASTIC where first made. - It's about as simple, as it is truthful! So, why was it kept a bloody dark secret? - And, one more funny question: What does  NEGROID HAIR have to do with AIDS


The world's best PERFUME is exported GASOLENE from African trees - and the world's WHITE VINEGAR is a product of SUGAR-CANE; - therefore without COCOA-BEANS no Christmas CHOCOLATE can be found under the rediculous Western church-symbol of deforestation and Christian overpopulation! When BLACK HAIR exports homemade ORIENTAL WOOD PERFUME and VINAGAR for fragrant foreign skyrocketing SOAP OPERAS, their hair will be void of ASIAN SILK and will die of AIDS and scorn...because often a White man has an untreated Afro around his backhanded small little stinkin' balls! Stop giving him all your sweet chocolate and your soap's PERFUME! Nourish your Black curls.  


The famous white American popdiva MADONNA uses Jewish Kabala wich curses homosexuals and Blacks in the Torah, but the German-Egyptian faqir-medium, doctor, singer, fashion-designer, goldsmith, and extremely well respected Egyptian silk-hairweaver Dr. STUNNY PHAROUK, as a member of the ABESSINIAN MARRAKH, makes use of the older original EGYPTIAN Kha'Bha'Allah and its older hory sciences for a good while! - Whereas MADONNA's Jewish version of the science is based on the TORAH, wich degrades and curses homosexual men and women, original Egyptian Kha'Bha'Allah doesn't, and honours homosexuals highly! This is why original Egyptian Kha'Bha'Allah is still forbidden in modern islamic Egypt! Will MADONNA realy kiss a BLACK coptic Jesus Christ like she did once before in her songvideo "Like A Prayer"? -Was this a curse? And, what else does Stunny Pharouk know?


  The famous royal Italian family of MEDICI from Cyrene of the city of Medina from the famous isles of Malta and Gozo, descended from the black African tribe through judaiic (judgemental) incest-culture, Bible-worship and heralds its use of a white crystal in Europe on its family crest ever since Renaissance times. The family’s coat of arms (picture above left centered in the coulage) exhibits 5 black pills, above which a 6th white one held in an exalted position. The house of Medici had become literaly adept with silicon’s genetic bleaching properties of the skin, aswell as its ability to isolate and reduce dark skin pigments, today known as the antequated science of ALBINOISM from the Latin-Arab word “Allah’Ben” meaning “god's son”, and it hence became synonimous with the late denegration of melantonine in ancestral Anubian mixtures as mediocre.


  Since then, all popes and cardinal bishops of Rome were exclusively of the inbreeding incestuous jewish clandestiny of the italian Medici lineage of Europe, which through its devicive militant religious ancestral katalist of its Romancatholic church katalogue throughout the old philosophies of Europe, had sought later to construct a false piramidial hierarchy of member states, to concertedly conseal their faux secret of power, SILICON, over their own impoverished  folk, who were kept in an undereducated state through a sorded alumni of international freemasonry; - quite as though, the world had been destined to continue living in a dank and dreadfull mideaval period, without having awoken to the rude light of modern reason! - All this farce, had been based upon an irrationale of ancestral rasism, devoted to the secretive abolishment of the darker genepool of Kabalism (=mixed matches), which began with the Roman Catholic edition of the jewish Zohar-Tora, the Massalot and some duplicitous parts of the Koran; infamously called the Bible. - A silly trilogy, geared at artificially raising a sociological cast system on high, to synthetically superimpose Jewish Albinoism of a monogenetic ideal on mankind, whilst consealing its own dark origines from the general public, by means of poppicock Freemason lodges, whose rightspinning halfmustached one-armed molecules of politics, were only capable of recognising one singular pole of coordination called the West!


  One became retarded in ones racial viewes, and the liberal use of lucent plasts and talkum expanders in food and medicine, to induce paleness internally, induced mental dulness and lethargic demetia which not only had brought Rome in its past heyday to its knees, but gave birth to a discorded mideaval European history, steaped in sicknesses, christian fights, wrangleings and unsurpassed feudalism in dreary cages of incestuosity and forced sexual insipidity! Today, such nonscience threatens itself, and automatically ends these old western thought patterns, hooked on treasonous hatred against Blacks; as if hate gave them an identity and solid foundation for living a truely vacant arian perfection! – A heresy of their own natures. No one, who is truely selfsatisfied, needs odious comparisons to live in contentment! 


– All this racial disaster, only later to be exposed by modern science, that RNA (SILICON)  in the SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF GENETICS and the DNA (cellpathway-exchange) is locked in a clever natural cycle, by which genetic insuficiencies of all human GENOME of any pigment concentration whatsoever, is dependant on the impendance of movement (CIRCULATION) and MIXTURE, to ensure and solidify all physical prosterity, regardless of any race at all! There had been no basis for an inhumane Darwinian survival of one singular “fittest” race in anthropology, and nothing will ever change this fact!


  Therefore, the simple imune deficiency AIDS (NUCLEAR SILICON BURN) became increasingly a useless biochemical imposition and a stupid weapon, and the pharmaceutical industries are witnessing themselves caught in an tricky eco-commercial as well as psycho-political hangnoose, that culminates in the uncovering of the longest WAR of all time, by the help of the Abessinian Marrachéy. POLONIUM WAS NEVER A SUBSTANCE THAT EMITS ANY RAYS OF HEAT AT ALL ON ITS OWN, - UNLESS INGESTED OR BURNED! - Silicon poisoning had affected ALL through misinformation, and has baffled all leading Media and Western oppinionmakers into fearfull silence! Many of whom, had themselves unwittingly fallen victim to the industries they had supported, who indeed are to blame! THE AIDS WAR IS SILENT,...and racial ideologies and politics play a hidden secondary supporting role, besides money. Therefore, fault it is to be laid directly at the door of those decisionmakers, who KNEW what they were doing to their own partners in crime just for profit. Hence; the ILUMINATI has been secretively splitting; some going into hiding, and yet others entertain private vendettas; some of whom have aided the clandestine Abessinian revolutionaries, the Marrachéy, for their own protection!   


  They expect a collapse and a revolt  of the tax paying underclasses, leading to the abolishment of antiquated European tax and view of European monarchies! - Therefore, lawyers  are oddly forming a new wealthy society, whilst doctors are to be relegated!




In 2001 the clandestine movement of the ABESSINIAN MARRACHÉY has battled hundreds of international language barriers and social misinformation, by means of hidden analogue cassette-post, to expose US WAR CRIMES on AFRICAN soil! The French Resistance during the 2nd World War was an underground movement, linked to the Abbessinian Marrachéy, by means of the world famous Black female entertainer and Afro-French sexvamp JOSEPHINE BAKER; an influential rich business-woman of the time, who posessed inexplicable wealth,  by designing her own gold jewelry, and who supplied her artisans with the mineral, all by herself. The famous dancer and French sirene, JOSEPHINE BAKER, having once herself fallen pray to Hepatitis, was quite likely history’s most famous recovered AIDS-patient of all time, and had commented:


“...doctors themselves, embody the cancer parasites of modern society...”




SILICON had been the reason for Josephine Baker's wealth, and her changing skincolours from Black to Italian-white, to Moulatto and back again! She had perfectly understood the qualities silicon was capable of! The old pictures shock and confuse anyone; and so do the pictures of MICHAEL JACKSON!  - To cure herself from anaemia, she drank lots of sour citric MOLASSES and ate lots of BANANAS and called it "THE BANANA-SPLIT"! - A legendary split; - she wore a boycut and slung bananas around her hips, and declared in a thrusting lesbian dance what gay Paris appreciated as her vices for versum by marrying maveric French artists and homosexual musicians in order to adopt a "RAINBOW TRIBE" of foreign-raced children, famously known as  "the Rainbow-band from the citadelle of brotherhood" in the countryside!


  JOSEPHINE BAKER had journeyed down to Abessinia in 1925 to purchase her exotic pets, lots of Absinese SILK, and SILK-HAIRFIBER (Polyester) for her famous tightfitting PHALUKÉY, which most to the date of this writing, mistook to be a coquette boy-cutt of her own head of hair, which she had borne up under it, and which had infact been longer than the fibers on her phallukéy! This form of shrewdness, aided her business with the underground movement of the Marrachéy during the 2nd World War. This fact about Josephine is virtually unknown in the West for good and solid reasons! Mrs. Baker had frequently travelled to Tunesia; and en route to Abessinia, through Egypt,  met the man most infamous to Black Fellacks; the british Egyptologist Mr. HOWARD CARTER in the foyer of his Hotel; to give him “a good sacking” about Abessinian grave rites and the dangers of NUCLEAR POISONING, inherrent in Egyptian graves, since Carter's financier LORD CARNAVON, had indeed mysteriously died of nucleonic AIDS-poisoning!


  La Baker was lividly upset, when Egyptologists claimed certain Absynthian graves, aswell as the famous Abessinian beverage of the Casbah, called ABSINTH to be Arian-Jewish.  Jews had always condemned drugs, wild sex and alcohol for its people! She had threatened that messing-"dust" (TALKUM) was an "...ardent scullduggerin’ poison if eaten in an Egyptian dish, or inhaled under a tight vaccum-shut lid,...and would serve you frikkin’ right!”. – Both excavators; Lord Carnavon and Howard Carter among many others, died prematurely of QUEKSILVER POISONING, (HIV-AIDS)  for stealing gold literally in a goldfever for the English crown. Anyone unauthorisedly handeling and polishing hidden Egyptian family-artefacts, belonging to someone else, will suffer the concequenses of inhaling microfine silika spores, and boyant poisoned fiberglass silk particles through the air. Silicon in food, by Fellaqi employees in hotels, had done the rest!.....Or maybe just bad black cat JosieBaby?    


Josephine Baker's famous use of BANANAS in a dance, aswell as her use of it to cure iron deficiency, so as to sexually allude to the onslaught of rectile and allraw maskuline advances for wild femenin sex-ferver gone riot, became the hallmark of her artistic worldwide renoun, as she danced naked in a skirt made of that legendary wine-fruit. Hence, the african symbolism of the Banana literally penetrated international sex-jargon; and it is and was always the African way of maintaining a high immunity to diseases, whilst raising iron-levels in the agile body of a violently raging canopic dancer, who tirelessly gyrated night for night before thousands of people, whilst bearing the added agony of singing a muscle, without a blasted early microphone!


  Today, - to honour this historic tale of extreme health and vitality; the Gambian president YAHYA JAMMEH cures AIDS with a simple remedy of sweet-sour Banana-poridge, and despite prevalent Western science-posttenders, proved how simply divine a traditional African logic had been, in curing a prevalent socio-political and ecconomical hatred for exotic antiquity, in as much as a GOLD PRICE alone, won't maintain the physical power of any man or country, - wether officialy White, or villenously castigated as foreign and Black.     


Most old photograpic images taken of Abessinians in the 19th century, oddly show an impoverished folk wearing unholy amounts of pure gold. - But; where do people in poverty traded into slave-labour get it? - Some poor tribes still wear real GOLD, - but, why aren't they wealthy from it? - The reason is an unfounded traditional hatred for their values and terms.


SILICA and SALT was used in QANUBIA and MORÖE, to create bountiful amounts of GOLD, by galvinising SUGAR into TIN-IRONS to create BRASS, with the use of PLANT-SILICA PETROLEUM. SALT turns to NATRON under a furnace, and together with PETROLATTUM, not only created a softer, more maliable GOLD, which was hardened after smelting with pure QUARZ-SILICA gleaned from CHALK with Diesel (the idealising or idol process); - but also NATRON-BLEACH mixed with PETROLATTUM (VASELINE) and TERPENTINE, transforms African plastic silk-fibers won from SUGARPLAST (BALATTA), into HUMAN-HAIR (NOPHITE CANNES/ today's commercial Human grade Kanekalon), within minutes! No goldmines where ever used in the African process of fashioning Nubian Gold! Rather, did they utilize OCEAN SALT and SEA-SAND with TERPENTINE to create both classic royal Egyptian insignias of yellow GOLD on BLACK HAIR. The adjective in smithing; ideal is derived from IDEALISED METALS, and stems from the Bay Of ADEN (EDEN/ ATEN)  by the Blue Tidal Idon or “Tidings” of the Nile in Abessinia propper. Abessinia means "BASIN" or "BASE OF ZION" where "ZION" means "The ION-EYE" - "IRON", literally and ironically! - Where RED, GOLD and GREEN are the Rasta-Pharon's vegan cure for any mental illness! The BASIS of ZION is BLACK SUGAR MOLASSES!


  All Egyptian gold is a metal-brass that has been processed with QUARTZITE SILICA DUST and petroleum, known in ancient Abessinian writings as “ZIONI”, a substance won from PETROLATUM with TALCUM taken from A’SWANI TALCUM DEPOSITS, and sprayed over Brass artefacts in a PETROLEUM GAS OVEN  to make gold in copius amounts, enouph to liberally paint the roof of any solstice CANOPI of the African diningroom!


  Therefore the modern gold-price is an inflated worth of a cheap metal, and a devicive means to create an un-equal world economy, based on a vicarious rabbinical religious creed of racial disharmony and discord, known under the equally borrowed name of “Jewish Kabala”, since JEWS are not biblicaly known to worship the principal African Deity KA’BAAL known as KHA’ BA’ALLAH’T Q’OM’BEIJAH , - and translated as: “THE RUBBERGOD JAHWEY” (WÉJAH'T or "OUIJA") and is depicted in Egypt as the ALPHABET on a rubbertree-plant, to be symbolised as the DOOR TO HEAVEN and the BOOK OF GOD (the original Bible)! In African (southern Hebrew) the term "rubber" means "elastic" or "everlasting".  


The modern word LATEX is taken from the African word BAALAT, for the same reason. The Jewish TORAH castigated BA’AL worship, as African Phallic worship, and hurled curses on the African use of BAALAT CONDOMS, for birth controll, which is todate still viewed on the highly catholic island of MALTA; the seat of the freemason’s TEMPLARS, as a confessional sin of onany (-masturbation) for married couples! Yet, every Pharaoh's double-crown is a stylisation of a BA'AL's cult CONDOM, and made of RUBBER, complete with a protruding sash and lead, often coloured red on its reverse-side, signifying that it was just as well a female vaginary contraceptive device. A coupled crown signified as sexual hetero or bi-sexed union with a fixed spouce or triune-wedding. A singular crown signified a celebet royal honey-bee, - or at best a homosexual or lesbian imperative or taste of motive amongst royals. Gender preferances were not a debate and often pragmatically expedient.


  The female black American popstar ALIYAH, that sang the lyrics about sexual manipulation: stroke it for me!- stroke it for me! - work the middle, -stroke it, baby – stroke it baby!”, was murdered for her Hollywood role as personifieing the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and claiming over the phone, she’d been an Egyptian girl, with an equally Egyptian name. The next American Artist to die at the hands of the AIDSWAR, was the black American vocalist of the popgroup TLC, known as the lead singer LEFT-EYE LOPEZ, who had planned to form another pop-band called “EGYPT”. Jewish Zionists have lost all control over the dreadful situation they've created!




The latin word GEN is read in arabic conversely from back to front as NEG, and points to the pivotal reasons for why genepools are expanded in mixtures leading to diversity, and have nothing to do with religion's GENOCIDE, or the narrow blinkers of old belief systems. The hallmarks of Judo-Egyptian civility have resulted inpart in slavetrade and deforestation of the Sahara, and worldwide unrest. The infamous and antiquated book called The Bibel holds up till this day, a name in honour of its semitic origin Babel, a semi-mythical city  transliterated in the latin word “biblia” as bibliothek, wich is rendered “bookshelf”. - When the Bible falls from the shelf; a wall of books fall with it!


 SILICON-BURN was thus known in the 2nd worldwar in Germany as HARMS, when Hitler was installed by the Roman Katholic Vatikan, and the very first mass victims of NUCLEAR AIDS, were the victims of the American ATOMIC BOMB on the Japanese cities HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI in 1945! The secret of SILICON was thus held during the cold war from the public by violent means; murders, poisonings, unlawfull arrests and prison confinements, aswell as the destruction of livelihoods, - all orchestrated by a mad administative evil, framing trouble by decree through the ardent use of pychological peer-pressure on its members!


  Yet, SILICA had been used in Japan and China ever since ancient times to bind sugars and alcohol into plastic compounds, used today in their close trading alliances with the United States Of America and the world. Ancient Africans had always known of the Zoanite substance called ZIONITE-SILIKA-PETEROIL from A’ZOAN (Aswan) for the production of the finest porcelains, silks, jewels, armory and narcotics, ever since this substance had been traded out of the Abessinian SINAII delta and the abjecent ancient APISS-ZOANIAN city of PETRALA (Petra) near today’s Arabian peninsular at the Port Of Aden, ajoining Egypt in Africa via the SILKROAD and the Indian Ocean! Every single royal pharaonic dubble crown or miter were comprised of plastic, and hence of African Balat, - Cautchukrubber! All these historic details are withheld by modern Egyptology.


  In ancient MEDICINE, silk-complex played a lethal as well as a beneficial role. As an antibacterial polymer on the epidermis; it will both permiate the skins natural barrier, and offer protection from the cold, whilst drying the outer surface, and removing unwanted marks and blemishes; but, when this polymer is used as the pricipal vehicle in bitter or sweet COCAINS internally, it is an addictive NARCOTICA. If used in modern times for vaginal and anal intercourse, it will cause hormon imbalaces in both men and women in equal measure. Impotence in homosexual men, practicing anal sex, is due to the laming of the prostate, via a combination of sulphuric or salic acids in the digestive system, along with applied trygliceride sexlubes, that speed as COCAIN-CORTISOL into the bloodstream through the sensitive rectal walls. Lesbians and heterosexual women, on the other hand, began to suffer dryrun and became increasingly dependent on silicons in sex, since vaginal fluiditiy became stagnant. Sadly, modern medicine often utilizes the rectum to administer painreleavers in the form of rectal incerts on bedbound alzheimer patients. Liverdamage and a dialated heartmuscle is all too often the result, and this can lead to an induced death of a patient. The true deathcauses are often kept secret, and alzheimer’s disease results precicely from these administerings.







Up untill this day; SILICA has the Egyptian name: SILA’SILKHA meaning: "SHELL-LAQUER", which is still used in the SUDAN todate to make amongst other things, tightfitting scull-laquered caps, and to insulate stretched burnt SUGARCANE-MOLASSES (CANDACÉY) with ALKOHOL into QANOPIC POLYESTER HAIR FIBER; known everscince by the Abessinian Marrachéy of ANUNBIA as CAN’NOPHAR PHALLACK, for the binding of NOPATHIC Rasta-Pharaii, worn by all Egyptians and their kids. – This is the reason it is impossible to genetically decifer the hairtype found on ancient Egyptian wigs, when a poly-fiberous sugar-plast-silk had been transformed to HUMAN-GRADE HAIR, BLACK MINK and "Black-Cashmere-sheeps-wool" by utilising Chloride in Terpentine and Petrolattum, known as the Nardic sciences. 


Egyptians did not allways use Canabis-flax for hair braiding, but smoked the weed for wellbeing! POLONIUM BURN (AIDS) is iradicated from the sweat-cells gently, when smoking the MARIUANA! - Before FLAX-FIBER is sold in Africa or India; it is steamed and isolated from its MARIUANA OIL, and the valuable halucigent oil is sold today almost exclusively to the the corrupted pharmaceutical-industries, who in their turn combine MARIUANA EXTRACT lethally with SILICON, to skyrocket high bloodpressure into clots in the brain of ALZHEIMER patients, psychiatric patients and jail prisoners! - But also, it is just as possible to create a high quality Mariuana, by mixing BITTER TERPENTINE on any dry Green Grass!


  The Word PETROL, comes also from the old word PUTER-OIL, and the adjective “petrified” from “putrefaction”, and is African in origin and stems from the word NA’PAT’RA for PETROCK or “Nubian Rockmass”. Petroleum Silica was used by Nubian blacksmiths to harden sugar into metal, or burn brass into nonrusting METIORITE GOLD, actually translated from Egyptian as MEROITE ORE


  When heated; SILICA is a dangerous nuclear substance used in the GOLD INDUSTRY, to turn brass into GOLD within minutes, or to bind tin into Aluminium; - a method utilised by the African Nhur tribes since eons of time, but who refuse to respect an inflated price on Sugar (burnt to Iron) as Gold, and who have international and political problems selling their Goldornaments expencively. Since SLAVERY, their Industry has been long stymied, and poverty has been their political alotment. The Nhur make SILVER from SILICA-QUARZ-TALCUM with BURNT SUGAR OR CHARCOLE. – A method historically known as “Black smithing”.


AIDS is an imune imbalance that can begin in childhood as a diabetic weakness, or become a deadly scourge of a meek houswife, using Q-10 silkcreams by day and sexlubes at night. Having a warm lathery B-day douche or shower after using ample silicoids in the vaginal tract, will induce increasing narcotic psychosis, YEAST-INFECTIONS and ropelike lines of the epidermal layers in the face and body, thining of the hair in both sexes, and a renewed sub-pubescent behavior, leading to early menopause in both genders; called sarcastically second spring; – also known as pushprimming or fish-forcing among adolescents recognising early menopause. Africans, Indians and Asians who are passed the age of 40 and have remained vegan, do not get menopause, nor early wrinkles in the open skin. Religious wars on African civilisations,  have been the abject result of a vanitous and stiff-necked stupidity, refusing to adhere to the fact, that a SILKCOMPLEX is a leathal poison, and only to be used on the surface of any living being, - and then only moderately, or bound as a bound plaster.


  Therefore AIDS has been an ancient curable disease. The true history of SILICON lies in the history of Abessinian SILA’SILKHA  (silk-complex), - such has been used for the rasta-pharonic production of SILK for pharaonic Nubian wigs, - wich today,  are conspicuously absent in western museums, but according to notion, reviewed as human hair without genetics, where the Egyptian word GEN is read backwards as NEG and the meaning for “snake”! – So, take a good look at your own curling DNA strands!   


  Arian-Jews are a christian race of constantly meandering people, in search of a new world or a barrel without a bottom; who wrote the Bible in the middle ages, and sought to rule the world of medicine and art, by hurling down castigations (nigations)on Africans, and raising a false goldprice by means of barbaric theaft, parasitical behavior and the effacing of medical truth, to the detrement of even their own people and culture. The holy land that they were constantly in search of, was a kingdom not of this world. They pushed a rectile nuclear rocket up their own spread arse, blasted themselves to the moon in search of an all-WHITE planet void of apes and christmasstrees, - and even that hilarious exodus was a Jewish lie.


Due to a rediscovered ancient Egyptian inscription found in an extremely old Sudanese gravesite, belonging to a very important queen, and held secret since 2001; the Sudanese Marrachéy published these facts in 2002, to remnants of the original EGYPTIAN DIASPHORA  in and outside of Africa, known as the WASETAN MARRACHÉY!


  The respect and honour paid to the dead and the rites of the family-tree-of-life are inherrent in African social behavior, if not to Western archeological science. Homosexual alliances in African society, have been by due reason readressed by the Marrachéy in Africa, since ancient ANUBIAN aristocracy respected 5 sexual representations of WEDJAH’t, numbering the 5 fingers of the hand, and beneficial to building cultivated bahavior. The grave of the female Candacy is held secret, and will not be relinquished to members outside of the family lineage. The old Semitic ideologies; the Bible, the Koran and the Tora-Zohar are subversive creeds, that are in opposition to the worlds mental and physical health!



//Source: Arthur Yosha Burnside's Book: "HAARMAGEDDON - Heaven's Sex with Hell!" (c)-(p) 2005/2006 published in part on audio cassette abonement, India.