Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann is the most powerful Metaphysician in Europe. Loving but cold!

An occultist OUIJA-Medium Serpent FAQIRSafari-Medic, Carcinogenologist, AIDS survivor and gay pop-designer Dr. Stunny Pharouk KalaM'Hara Bin Nhur-Starzmann, now in Düsseldorf GERMANY, overcame racially inflicted nuclear AIDS poisoning 4 times, and was brutally arrested for his knowledge and cruely tortured for 9 weeks in a state owned prison in Germany!




In 2004 a young Fellaki carcinologist hastily fled French Lorrain-Alsace on a plane leaving from the German bordertown of Baden-Baden, bound for Stanstead London. STUNNY, aka. Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann, later known as the Popartist STUNNY PHAROUK, was escaping his German father, who had become a close friend of one of the members of the US-President’s household; one Mr. JOHN W. BUSH.


  As a former designer in his father’s hidden Jersey Channel Islands company; he had seen his father Mr. WERNER STARZMANN open one offshore company after another, to design the socalled "DIGITAL WARNING SIGNS FOR THE WAR ON TERRORISM" for the WHITE HOUSE, and had watched him embroile himself in a 60 Billion Dollar heavy moneyscam surrounding a fake Arabian SHEIKH YAKUB AL SHEIK IBRAHIM and OSAMA-BIN LADEN lookalike; said to be selling FALSE OIL FONDS, fake imunised passports, university papers - and non-existant mikro islands to rich Beverly Hills clients, through the famous Bush business called the UKA, situated on obscure Islands in the Pacific, supposedly - according to the Bushs, near the island of Palau!




Max-Robin Pharouk-Starzmann (Stunny), had discovered prior to his flight, that his German father’s impressive Sheik was a mere cover for  Bush family members, leading a moneyfund in Spring Arkansas called, THE JUPITER FUND, for which his coloured brother, Mr. OTTO RONALD STARZMANN had worked, and had become the Executive Chairman of the Bush Oil business, and archtypical of such sceams; rose to become the socalled Royal General Secretary to the fake BinLaden-like-charakter.


  Having successfully escaped to London, Stunny met with an impressively well mannered set of long and gaunt African refugees, who said they had fled from Central Africa, where something dreadful was taking place; THE AIDS WAR! This very strange coincidence sealed a heavy plot. - The artists mother, Mrs. JEWEL FARAOUQ-STARZMANN had been of Abyssinese descent, but a descendant of British slave-contrabands and one of the royal FARAOUQ KALAM’HARAQH, BIN NHUR remnant from former British Guiana. She had grown wary of her German husband's increasingly weird political interrests, and passed highly damaging information about his father’s fake business-deals in South Africa, on to her son; and not least concerning the AIDS issue:


“...The project in Johannesburg and Overvolta is a

sinful pretence! AIDS isn’t quite transmitted the way

they’ve said! They aren’t buying safety garbage bins for Africans;

it makes no scense!...MICHAEL KATZ has shot himself???

– I can’t believe him anylonger!”




  According to Mrs. Faraouq-Starzmann’s assumptions, AIDS was incurred for profit, and people were feasting off an illegal industry. His father, Werner Starzmann, later made a crucial mistake, and published a book in June 2006; describing his rather strange trips to South-Africa, in which he gives wierd vent to a false aversion towards a certain rich white homosexual South African  entrepeneur and aluded Iluminati, one Mr. MICHAEL KATZ, despite the fact that the book prominently displays  the homosexual rainbow signal on its cover (see: pic. in coulage above)! In the book, the filthy rich white South African Mr. Katz, was garulously described , as a man seemingly suffering from AIDS, and on the surface, at war with pharmaceutical plots to destroy negro populations in Afrika! Mr. Werner Starzmann stupidly dokuments in his book, what Mr. Katz printed on his t-shirt, and frequently verbaly opined:



“...If you love Bosnia; you’ll love Gauteng!...When there’s more

than one shepherd, the HORSE gotta starve!...”



Boss of a South-African Metalcompany.

 Excerpt from Werner Starzmann’s book


(translated: Once Upon A Time, When The Word Was Big)

Infinity Publishing USA June 2006

Sold on, Germany.


The term "HORSE" was the hidden code-word for the greek word HEPA for horse and the epinome for the  disease  HEPATITIS (AIDS), which will kill, if irons are kept insuficient, by means of starvation and siliconised foods. But even more presumtuous; according to Mr. Werner Starzmann to his equally gay son; the HORSE is said to be an Arian-jewish expression of racial disdain amongst whites in Johannesburg, taken from the sorded biblebook Song Of Solomon; for a Black Sulemite daughter of a Pharaoh, who as a disgraced and humiliated horse or “Black Beauty”, pulls the chariot of a royal Jewish thief (Song Of Solomon 1:9,10), where the word "SOLOMON" is the hidden code for solo and mono, and hence sole monarchy or sole rulershipWerner Starzmann described Mr. Katz as of Russian stock, and an  „AIDS-sick“ Iluminati, who as a metalurgist in youth, literaly “made” artificial metiorite gold with siliconised ore and glass dust in Paris, and rose overnight to an exceedingly wealthy French investment broker!


Silikon and irons are the crucial elements in understanding GENOCIDE-AIDS afliction!  - All this, made Stunny’s mother exceedingly worried. She always had known of her husband's homosexuality; but there was always enough sex, and she never had any reasons to complain, and loved him. But his growing racism,  drove her up the wall! He had untill recent, always honoured and worshiped her kind nature.


 "Homosexual rightwingers who, like Hitler,

 destroy the lives of other homosexuals, are confused tragic cases,

who by effacing themselves with murder, can't

find their truest place or high cameo in world history!"  




The 4 exotic Central-African refugees, who met her son in the shadows of the Ealing underpass, whilst he was on his way to the musiclab of the world renouned multi-platinum pop-producer ANDREW D. WHITMORE, were spectacularly attired Rasta-Pharians. They had silently approached him in the dimly lit underpass, and frightened him with their almost surreal appearances. Stunny had been wearing many of his fashioned miniscule Abyssinian goldclamps in his plaited hair, which he had ordered done in the hairparlour ("The Look") in Elephant And Castle near Brixton on Camberwell Road, prior to an appointment at SONY ENTERTAINMENT on Marlborrow Road. Under the recognition, he had been an Abessinian man, they had been in awe over Stunny’s appearance, but had warned him that the late RnB soulsinger ALIYAH, had been murdered by rightwingers for playing the movie role of Britains Black Abessinian underworld, and apearing in the movie as the archtypical Egyptian serpent. They warned Stunny not to wear golden clamps in his hair at night in London streets, or rightwing elements would attack him. The fugetives themselves, were members of a forbiden clandestine group of artisans, known as as the feared ABYSSINIAN MARRACHÉY of the Sudan, also called the MARRAKH SYNDICATE.


  Having willfully started a business independantly of his father in London, to sell ornate gavinised metal hair products and Abessinian designer-rags, Stunny was arrested for this on his return home to France 5 weeks later! - This, within 24 hours after his arrival at the German Airpark of Baden, bordering France, where his car had been confiscated prior to his arrival, at the airterminal’s longterm parkinglot. The police staged the arrest, whilst on his visit for breakfast at his mothers chalet, in Langatte, Etang Du Stock, in Sarrebourg Lorraine, the very morning. Two police vans and 8 to 10 policemen arrested him! 


  Stunny was beaten and arrested barefooted by the French Gendarmerie, under the orders by the Interpol, without his German passport on May 4th 2004 (date corrected by policed documents), and handed over by his German father to the German authorities, without a court-warrant, charge of crime, formal investigation or a court trial, and held unjustly in a prison for 7 (seven) full weeks under toxic chemical demobilization, and 2 weeks after that, hounded twice by the German police yet again for no reason. - Chemical and psychological torture lasting 9 weeks! Under the false charge that the artist had been insane, he had been injected with a leathaly debilitating SILICON-paralisant along with other individuals, and inturned and bound onto a belted bed in a German state owned assylum. Silicon injections continued; and he lay 2 long days, strapped in convulsions, and in his own excrement, after which he was forced in a weakened state of health to stand naked infront of a washbasin to scrub his own clothes! - He waited cold and naked untill they had dryed!

   A Nigerian Journalist by the Name of Mr. RASHLEK BALOGUN, was also inturned, later. The African had escaped to Germany as a political refugee, and been locked in the same state owned German confinement in Offenburg, known as “KLINIK AN DER LINDENHÖHE”. Dispite multiple German state documents verifieing Stunny's unlawful arrest; the paid coloured US-Foreign Minister Mrs. CONDOLEZA RICE later demented the existence of CIA-PRISONS in GERMANY! However her warped opinions; in that prison, Stunny had been sexually undone under chemical uncontiousness, beaten, chemicaly tortured, and his gold-facetted braided hair vengefully shredded off with a pair of electric pliars!


  Upon release, 9 weeks later, Stunny had found out that his father had anulled his bank account, cleared his French appartment, and ordered his car to a German dump-yard to be smashed, eventhough Stunny was not a criminal, nor muslim terrorist or underground druglord; but  knew precisely what chemical weapons nucleotides and cocaines were!


  A German fittness teacher, by the name of Mr. ULRICH RÖSCH, who had spotted Stunny in the prison, was intruiged by Stunny’s story and his apeal to get him out of the assylum, since officially by law HUMAN RIGHTS aren’t refused anyone, even if forcefully inprisoned by state police! Upon this, Mr. Ulrich Rösch aggressively cornered the leading doctors Mr. AXEL STARRACH and Mrs. Dr. Med. KRACK, and forthwith arranged for Stunny, who had become a nervous wreck by then, to be put up by Rösch's girlfriend Mss. NORA WEISLOGEL and her generous father Mr. ERWIN WEISLOGEL, in the small harbertown of Kehl-Leutesheim. Having got there, Stunny was not left in peace. Once again, his German father Werner Starzmann located him, so as to get him back into the prison, bating Mr. Rösch with a dirty 80.000 Euros.


On seeing this, Mr. Ulrich Rösch sped Stunny down to Konstanz in his Audi convertible, to be put up by his wealthy mother, Mrs. HEDWIG RÖSCH,  who had been in office as the Vice-Mayor of Hilzingen-Binningen in Konstanz, at the said time.  Yet, during his consealed 3 month stay there, the German police had found their way twice to her house, to arrest Stunny! – This, officialy without success, since the police of Konstanz took pitty on Stunny, for having been rushed into the dark wine cellar. The police heeded Mrs. Rösch's warnings, that things surrounding Stunny were politically not well, and appologised!


After these occurences, Stunny hastily renewed his contact with the Marrachéy for the first time since his arrest, and informed them by means of Afghaneans in Konstanz, what had transpired after leaving England. By this, 5 months had elapsed, and the persecution wouldn’t end! Communication proceeded amongst other things, by analogue cassettes and Indian polaroid cameras, instead of by telephone or email, and over 50.000 people; - and more since, have been in alarm! - Yet, the German Government is renewed in its clandestine neo-nazism, and refuses to amend the deathdealing damages they've dealt their German citizen by birth, although the AIDS SCOURGE IS SIMPLY CURED through the information Stunny exposed,  and many fellow Germans; and paticularly the homosexual society and sex-industry, have grown happy over its abolishment! - Stunny still waits for his human rights in the sick country of Germany! In the mean time; many angry Germans are moving with lawyers against state regulated healthcare, doctors, practitioners and specifically scientists, for the harm that has been done them, through concealed SILICON RADO-NUCLEOTIDES in MEDICINE and FOOD!  Before his gruesome arrest in 2004, Stunny had not seen his home country in 26 years!

What ugly old shame on GERMAN state politics and GERMAN culture! - Or do we call Germany a mere mental stench, more pungent than decay?! 


//Source: Arthur Yosha Burnside’s Book: “HARMAGEDDON! – Heaven’s Sex With Hell!” (c) (p) 2005/ 2006, published audiobooks, India.